About Keleena…

Instructed by her own guides in 2004, Keleena was informed that she returned to Earth at this time representing the divine feminine energy of the goddess. She is devoted to the goddess on the ruby/gold ray working as a conduit for our divine sacred mothers as above, so below to assist with humanity’s ascension and to balance the feminine energy back on earth.

Balanced in both divine feminine & masculine energy herself, she is here to assist in “the grand shift” by connecting Heaven to Earth to assist you with your divine union within. Keleena is assisting all souls as an International Facilitator of Ascension and has the ability to Activate all souls for their purification process for healing, activate their dormant codes to open souls to their inner wisdom through her gift of Light Language DNA keycode activator, a Multi-dimensional Quantum Energy Healer and more.

As a High Priestess and Sister of the Rose from the Magdalene Order, her collective work is to assist all souls of any path in their ascension process by moving them from their deepest fears into love whilst assisting them to find their true authentic self.  In essence, her purpose is as a teacher and guide to assist souls to connect on the path of love, moving them from their false identity created ego toward living passionately as their authentic self from their Sacred Heart, in their highest truth, wisdom, and grace in love.

Having known she carries many unique abilities since early childhood, Keleena is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant.   Her guides have given her the title of a Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer and Light Language DNA Key Code Activator. She is also a trance-medium channel, a multi-linguist in light languages, sound healer through vocalization, medium, psychic, a conduit and pure channel for source, intuitive artist, and more.

As a multidimensional quantum energy healer, Keleena works with only the highest benevolent beings such as the Angels, Masters, Cosmic Light Beings, Elementals and more.  For example, she heals utilizing the Christed Mahatma energies and is a clear and precise conduit for all healing energies to work through her in which she helps elicit clients’ natural healing abilities for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and physiological healing.  Keleena is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystalline Lightbody Activator, and Kundalini Activator.

One of the gifts Keleena shares is that of a Multi-linguist in Light Language.  Light language is the universal language of love that enters her in sacred geometrical codes, sound, vibrations, and colors, that she utilizes for healing and activations.  As well as using this during healing sessions,  she speaks the languages during ceremonies, healings, and rituals she conducts, that flow through her during workshops, events, webinars, and retreats, that assist clients to shift in their ascension process to their Authentic Self.   Looking into your soul through direct eye-to-eye contact on Zoom sessions or in-person at workshops, events or retreats, Keleena heals and is a catalyst for your ascension to experience faster results than ever before, as she allows the light language in the highest benevolence of love, to work through her being for you.

Keleena is also a spiritual intuitive artist, channels the divine, is a published author, a writer of divine guidance, poetry, prose and inspirational quotes and loves spiritual photography.  Her intuitive writing carries energetic shifting codes to inspire, guide, and heal others through her gifted words.  She has received hundreds of testimonials confirming that her writings, healing sessions, twin-flame guidance, activations, have touched many souls, healed hearts and the mental, emotional & physical bodies, directed many to their correct paths and more. The messages and guidance that she brings forth is only for the highest and greatest good in divine unconditional love through her direct connection to Source and allowing herself to be the authentic spiritual being that she is.

In this lifetime her soul is here in service and Keleena knows and vows to use her gifts in the highest grace, honor, divine love, and light for all in pure love.  Her greatest desire is to see all people collectively stand in unity, in love, in the Oneness that we all are.

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In Divine Sacred Heart Love Always… You are Blessed