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This page provides a list of all Keleena’s upcoming workshops, events, seminars and travel destinations.   Keleena is being called to visit many different states in the USA as well as different countries to conduct workshops to assist all souls in their Ascension process.   Sisters of the Rose, Quantum Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds, Twin souls just to name a few.

If you wish to have Keleena conduct a workshop near you or are interested in having her partner in a workshop with you, please use the contact form below to send her an email and write “Event” on the subject line.

The LOVE TEAM for… Keleena

~Sedona Event is SOLD OUT…Thank you

Are you ready to gather together for an impressive and transformational three day Sisters of the Rose~Sisters of Light event and workshop?

With Keleena’s unique style, she will guide you through a profoundly transformational weekend for your ascension, while teaching the history of the sisterhood circle that started in Lemuria and how it has evolved to continue in today’s modern world. She will discuss how through our sacred hearts we are to live with the support of our sisters in divine love, compassion, gratitude & unity, and how you will continue this tradition with your sacred work as a Sister of the Rose.

This Event includes:

🌹 Purification Ceremony
🌹 Open Circle – Passing Goddess – Open Floor
🌹 History of the Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose
🌹 Shamanic Womb Cleansing at Divine Feminine Vortex
🌹 On-site teaching at Vertices to find/recognize ley lines
🌹 Light Language Heart Activation
🌹 Sacred Heart & Sacred Mind Teaching
🌹 12 Temples and your Soul Signature Temple Meditation
🌹 Teaching Tools for Your Sacred Heart Ascension
🌹 Personal Soul DNA Light Language Activation
🌹 Magdalene Priestess of the Rose Initiation
🌹 Light Language Pleiadian Magdalene Activations
🌹 Truth & Love Ritual/Blessing Mary Magdalene
🌹 Powerful Channeling from Divine Feminine Sacred Mothers
🌹 Close the Circle
🌹 Gift from Keleena with Love to take home

Various light languages will be performed to activate you through your DNA at a cellular level and align you with the new vibration. These activations and initiations unlock and awaken the goddess within you, to reclaim your power and the divine magic that you already embody within your soul.

If you feel in your heart this is your calling, to transform and rise into the divine feminine goddess you are, this powerful three-day event is for you. You will not be the same. Please visit Keleena’s website for testimonials. All begins Saturday, April 13 the day we honor the Goddess at 12 Noon to 6. Sunday and Monday 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM. Monday evening celebration dinner to follow.

The time is now to claim your divinity as Sisters of Light and become priestesses of “The Sisters of the Rose.” Your mission and journey await you.


You are responsible for your own lodging & transportation

There will be time Sunday & Monday morning to visit another vortex on your own if you wish.

This event is expected to sell out again.  Please purchase your tickets ahead of time.

Saturday gathering for lunch at Divine Feminine Vortex Rented Pavilion at Crescent Moon Red Rock Crossing Noon

Bonus Event Tuesday! If you stay longer you are invited to join Keleena at the Kachina & Knoll vortex for meditation.

Sunday & Monday gathering at the
Sedona Creative Life Center
The Sedona Room
333 Schnebly Hill Road
Sedona, Arizona 86336

Sunday you are responsible for your meals.

Please provide a correct email when purchasing a ticket so that we may provide a map to the vortex and other information.

Keleena looks forward to meeting her sisters in Sedona!



After the event, you will have Ongoing Support, through the private Facebook group to meet your other sisters, share your rose temple and your experiences. Plus have first access to any retreat or event information with a discount for any further events. You also have access to private videos and live time with Keleena in the group

Sedona Sisters of the Rose Event & Workshop.  Take advantage of this Early Bird Price through February only! 

March 1st the price adjusts to $555

Seating is limited. 

Early Bird Price $399 ~ March 1st $555

“Keleena is a powerful divine healer. In her presence, you can feel the embodiment of the divine mothers. She is a gifted channel connected with beings of the highest light. The activations I received from Keleena at the Sisters of the Rose Initiation brought huge heart openings that have enabled me to deepen my practice of multi-dimensional work as well as propelling me forward to a greater embodiment of my higher self and supporting my ascension process. The initiation was a critical part of the remembering of my priestess path and connecting me with my mission in this life.
Keleena has a sacred connection with Sedona and the energetic vortices of the land. She has undertaken profound healing work for Gaia, the sacred heart and the feminine there and those joining Keleena’s Sisters of the Rose workshop in Sedona can expect a profound, life-changing and powerful experience.”
Claire Lewis, UK
For more testimonials, click the Testimonials tab at the top of the website.

*If you have any questions regarding this event, please use the contact form to send an email.






GLASTONBURY ENGLAND, September 22 & 23 2018


MIAMI FLORIDA, August 2018


AKRON OHIO, November 4 & 5th 2017 

(Workshop Attendee Testimonial Chicago)

From the moment I met Keleena, I intuitively knew that she was the “real deal.” Full of compassion, humility, authenticity, and love, her open heart shone through and called me to her work.

I received several energy healing sessions, during which I experienced a powerful and instantaneous alignment of chakras. The results were immediate, profound, and lasting – I experienced an opening to intuition and my own healing powers that has resonated in and through me since.

I am so thankful to Spirit for connecting my path with Keleena’s. An instrument of peace and healing, she is truly a gift to humanity, and to our planet.

Grace Shivers, Arkansas USA, July 2017 Workshop

CHICAGO ILLINOIS, June 30-July 2, 2017














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