Level Up Your Love~Light Frequency

Level Up Your Love~Light Frequency

Beautiful June blessings as the solar eclipse and solstice approach to bring new directions of change for everyone and everything.

Embodying the frequency of light through the transition of the soul is activating the quantum effect that is happening for you this month at intense levels. As a result, your light quotient is changing within yourself to free you from the internal fears, densities, and beliefs you still hold within your subconscious.

Body changes and recalibrations are happening at the cellular level. You may feel your body vibrating as the change occurs. As always, eat light and hydrate.

The mother frequency is returning this planet to her natural state of being. The divine feminine christ consciousness is being awakened in all of you as we move through a new consistency of love, compassion, and grace living from our sacred hearts.

With each partner upon the planet that walked as a christed masculine, there is always a christed feminine. You cannot achieve this alone—Yeshua & Mary Magdalene both christ (enlightened). The truth is being revealed. Balance is being restored, and the divine feminine is to be honored in love & respect within all of humanity.

“Our conscious choice as creators is being reflected by knowing that our hearts amplify our frequency, not our heads(ego).”

Your imbalance will be restored within you when you see your masculine and feminine side, your light/dark, and feel your truth. So many of you blamed others in May for what you believe about yourself, and remember, you experience what you believe. Can you change this and have gratitude for them as they show you your patterns? Do you love yourself enough to heal your inner wounds, and will you make the correct decisions for yourself that affect the consciousness and harmonic vibration of the planet? Can you step out of the ego that blames and live from the feminine sacred heart that feels the truth?

 May conjured this up, and some of you are still running this pattern. You are not a victim; you are being catalyzed to take back your power. Thank the catalyzer as spirit works through them for you to know thyself for healing.

 These questions you may ask yourself when the reflections you receive this month will assist you in creating change for the new beginnings emerging with June’s solar eclipse. So let the patterns fall away, stop blaming others, really see your shadow and allow the light in to heal through the neutrality within the sacred heart. Know the truth. You are the creator as above, so below as I AM.

On a personal note, living from my sacred heart in the present moment, I have been zero-pointing much more in April, May, and now in June. It is complete heart expansion in all directions to give you an idea, and you feel like you are between worlds of earth and dream state. It is a floating feeling with the physical body rested in the heart, and nothing bothers you. Joy, laughter, grace, love, bliss, and compassion for everything and everyone is the energy of zero-point christ consciousness for me. Can you imagine this for everyone in this new earth frequency? If you chose ascension and are focused on your healing, you will be here. Do not give up!

 As always for this year, this month, the collective will continue to see the truth as more hidden programs upon the earth come to the surface.  Will you react and blame from your ego, or will you take action from your heart, level up your love light frequency, and be in your zero-point/christ consciousness balance. (Remember in my “I AM” webinar, you are the Christ child.)

Victory is yours, and a prosperous new flow of creative change occurs when you stay in a positive mind-heart-based reality. You have the power of the heart eternally.

I know as I walk in the full power of my sacred heart, so too shall you. Be not afraid. ~KM

I AM Divine Christed Consciousness.

I AM Eternal Love

I AM in Full Power of my Sacred Heart

I AM Balance

I AM all that I AM


Divine Love & Grace Always,
Keleena Malnar

2021 June Newsletter

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