Gratitude Special 2021

Blessings, Beloved Soul Family!

Hello from Sedona, my loves. So much change is happening as we continue our transformation with Gaia. I have just returned from a month’s gridwork in the Yucatan. This work was all directed by Isis. She informed me to remove old limiting timeline stories, and I was to anchor and set in motion the Divine Feminine higher frequency upgrades up for 2022. Priestesses that had been held in between worlds are now free, and so much more happened.

It will be a beautiful year ahead for those that know how to work with the energy. More to come in the December video and newsletter.

I am grateful for all of you in my life, that follow my work as a Guide, Wayshower, Activator, Healer. and frequency carrier of our Cosmic Mother.

In GRATITUDE FOR YOU, I am guided to offer up to 74% off my recorded webinars. All Activating Webinars Are Now Only $12.12 for a limited time.  You can buy them as a gift for someone you know that may benefit as well.


I hope this shows you how much I appreciate you. Session specials will come later in December.

I wish you a beautiful holiday season; however, you choose to celebrate.


Divine Love & Grace,



Golden Race Atlantis & Lemuria DNA Avatar Light Body Activation Webinar


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