Mother Mary’s 555 Miracles in May

I have personally have been waiting for this day since January. In this month of perfect divine alignment from above and with your sacred soul, all that are present upon the planet are given the opportunity to release anything that does not serve from the past.

Our miraculous day of May 5, 5-5-5, is a day of complete reconciliation with thyself when one allows the hidden within them to surface and release into this miraculous 555 portal for a deep cleanse upon the planet for all souls.  

This release assists at an even deeper level to begin anew to free you of the distortion of the human mind. It is up to you to make this choice for your freedom. Be out on the earth and take back your freedom. Sit with our dear Mother Gaia and Divine Mother Mary and Cosmic Mother with passionate intentions to let go of your past.

Your passion is your peace, and your love is light.

In Divine Love & Grace,
Keleena Malnar

5 May 2021 (5~5~5)

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