555 Gateway of Miracles Continues

In the deepest breath of life, we waver no pain in our hearts, for we know the truth. So may you see and feel the reflection of your soul in the one that guides you in your true existence through the power, love, and wisdom of the heart. 

Be not afraid, for I AM the power of the Christ Mary Magdalene within your sacred hearts, and you too shall rise within your divine feminine power returning divine love to this planet and all of humanity.

The true essence of god, the mother, and our father is within all souls upon the planet. See no one person different than thyself and judge no one person for thee only judge thyself. I AM the power of love, and I AM that which dwells within all of you. 

May you be blessed by the hands of our creator this weekend as the miracles of 5~5~5 on Sunday continue through the vibration and frequencies of light love that eternally dwells within all souls.  

See no duality in all that prevails amongst the earth and humanity and feel the expression of love as the change occurs. Through the power of love, our Mother God is our interconnection of miraculous love light, creating the change for divine freedom and sovereignty through you.

Express yourself as the christ you are and see yourself as nothing less. For your divinity is the god within you, and your love is the love of our divine mother god. Know the power of the three-fold flame within you, and know the power of your heart.

Blue – Power of Father God
Gold – Wisdom of God spoken through the (daughter or son)
Pink – Unconditional Love of Mother God (Holy Spirit)

Balance is key as you exert yourself as the I AM presence of our holy mother father within you restored fully in love. 

Miracles continue when one understands duality is their perception of the creation before you in your personal world. 

Be ONE with MOther-Father as I AM.

I AM Mary Magdalene, and these are my words.

In love, devotion, and strength, my return is rising within all of you as the divine feminine awakens to their truth.

In Gods Grace, ~Mary Magdalene

Divine Love & Grace,
Keleena Malnar

Keleena is an Ascension Wayshower, Trance Channel Medium, Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, Light Language DNA Keycode Activator, Divine Feminine Spiritual Path Coach & Teacher assisting you in finding your true self & mission as you heal your inner wounds to step into your divine power.

22 May 2021

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