New Earth Relationships

Sacred aligned partnerships endow freedom that allows both persons to live from their heart engaging in life and being whom we came here to be as our true god/goddess self with no judgment. 

Healthy boundaries are an essential part of fifth-dimensional relationships. They create space for our personal interests and individual passions to allow us to be who we are. We honor our sacred commitment to each other and seek no other outside of our relationship when we have let the ego go and follow our hearts. In this relationship, we understand that we make ourselves happy. We commit to loving ourselves while in our spiritual alignment. 

The day one is not happy in the relationship and seeks outside is when one has departed their heart and lives from their ego. They are not fulfilled by the other to make them happy and look elsewhere to possibly a past lover you may have an attachment to or just an ego lust attraction of what the mental mind has created, that they think will make them happy. When this happens, this person has stepped into egoic expectations that they believe their partner is not supplying them. However, this comes from one not loving themself, not making themself happy, and seeking outside the relationship for a connection that will not fulfill them either. They seek acknowledgment as they feel lack because there is no self-love, nor their loyalty to thyself. 

Putting a partner in a position to make you happy is not loving them, not honoring yourself, and disempowering. This action is within the hidden depths of the ego wants in the old program. When you realize this, you can then begin to heal your inner wounds, make yourself happy again and come into alignment with the truth within your heart. 

Love does not seek outside the fifth-dimensional new relationship from the ego with another. Love is centered, balanced, in harmony, and happiness occurs in full empowerment from the sacred heart. This is the freedom that keeps all aligned with spirit when one loves themselves and realizes the love for themselves is the love of God. This love is within you, for you, and of you. You are never separate from your true Godself or your source of happiness; only the ego does this. 

Blessings as you go through your fourth-dimensional healing for all that seek outside their relationship for something missing within yourselves. It is time to break the old patterns and behaviors. Send love to those who participate and know they are engaging with someone who is not honoring their partner or themself. Both will go through their own karmic clearing from this, along with guilt, shame, and distorted values that need to be cleared from the old programs of deceit. The distorted ego is not welcome in the new earth frequency. 

This new earth relationship template is one that remains loyal and true to their goddess/god self for their purpose in service and faithful to their sacred partner as well. 

Honor thyself and feel the truth in the activations of this article. Your heart is your guide, not your ego. 

As I always say, choose to live in love, choose to live from the heart.

Divine Love & Grace,

Ascension Guide/Coach, Light Language DNA Keycode Activator, Twin Soul /Ray Guide, Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer,

26 February 2021

©2021 Keleena Malnar, All Rights Reserved

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