Trinity Stargate Webinar~Remember Your Roots

Join Keleena this weekend for another powerful webinar full of information, DNA keycode activations, and all the other magic Keleena performs as the Divine Mothers work through her. 

The tradition of the Mother Trinity symbolized in sacred geometry that is hidden from you yet right before your eyes daily. This webinar photo alone that Keleena has created will activate codes in you. “Look with the eyes of your heart, and ye shall find all thy need to understand in thy sacredness of creation.” ~Keleena

These trinity stargates are amplifying the return of the divine feminine this year within all human beings, feminine or masculine. This weekend, for Junes solar eclipse & solstice, one of the most powerful stargates is opening with the return of the ancient knowledge of the grandmothers. 

After connecting with Pleiadian grandmother in Uluru, the 13 grandmothers and grandmother spider all in one week, I have come to see in vision the opening of this stargate and its purpose. 

Keleena has been downloaded codes once again for this next stargate to activate your suppressed or dormant codes connected to the Divine Feminine Ancient Wisdom. She will be performing meditation, Light Language DNA Keycode Activations, Sacred toning of Hathor, Isis, Channeling the Ancient Mothers/Grandmothers, and Lemurian activations. 

Many light beings, galactic teams, sisters, and brothers of light, elementals, angelics, and all sentient beings needed will be present once again for this very powerful and compelling webinar. Keleena will also be sharing some information during the webinar; she has not released publicly. 

              9:00 AM PST USA
              5:00 PM UK
              6:00 PM EUROPE


Link to Register:

Those that purchase and cannot be on the live event will receive a replay afterward. Patreon Tier 5 Members, your admittance is FREE to this webinar.

This webinar is being recorded for purchase anytime. The activations are not connected to linear time.


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  1. Please let me know if and when the June 20th webinar will be available for purchase. I mistakenly thought it was for June 21st and I missed the sign-up. IU attended the Avatar Light Language DNA Activation on June 5th and really wanted to be a part of this webinar. Thank you so much. Anne

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