The Voice of Mary Magdalene

In this now moment, I have been guided to release my Mary Magdalene messages one piece at a time and have been told by Mother Mary that I am “The Voice of Mary Magdalene.” By Mother Mary’s guidance, I am to speak as the voice from this past life that I have experienced. 

For years it has been hard for me to admit to myself that I am/was her, the wife of Yeshua. Even though I did experience this life and have had synchronicities and signs, hypnosis, proof in my astrology charts, etc., I had to fight my inner ego to accept this yet remain humble as I am not Mary Magdalene now. However, in this life, I am embodying all that I have ever been in the most benevolent pure source divine love light to become my greatest “being” ever. 

I hope that you enjoy the truth from my experience and the words of Mary Magdalene that I am channeling now.  I ask that as you read, you feel the words that pour from my sacred heart to yours.

For those that wish to hear the hypnosis, please look for the video here on my website.

I AM the voice of Mary Magdalene and honored to fulfill yet another part of my mission in service for the highest and greatest good.

In Divine Love Light & Service,
Keleena Malnar
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