The Plan within the Plan within the Plan is Light – and the Light is winning

Channeled co-creation from Keleena Malnar and Paul Dobree – Carey.

Freedom comes, not from the beginning of something new, but from the end of what was held captive, the end of Democracy, and the end of all political terms as have been.

There will be a new beginning and this comes from the Light – as the Light will now shine through the darkness, creating the freedom of those that have been under attack within your systems. Those captive within and beneath the establishments of governance and royalty, all will be freed at all levels of Being – levels in tunnels and caves that are not only connected to humans but also to entity forces that have evolved from a dark consciousness reality called forth as a monster to induce victimhood against the innocent.

Yet, the innocent have played a role, there are those within both the caves and the establishments that know exactly what is happening and they are in fear. But, it is the children that will deal with trauma and they are being freed as these words are written, for the Light has entered the caves and there is no return. There are those who have signed their lives away to fear, that work with these entities within government. Fear that came from knowing that if they did not do what they are told, not only their family but their entire family lineage would be disappeared.

There are many within political service, that sit within the public buildings, the offices, in your realities that are connected, there are those of the Light that sit in these places as well. These are the ones that knew when the bell would toll, the slavery, the brutality, the torture, the hidden. Those who fed off of fear and of blood, those that are of no soul, are being exposed.

That which is being sought and found at this time is within every individual on and within this planet, the darkness is being brought forth for all to see and to feel the consciousness that has taken place within the dark. The people will feel the trauma, the people will not know how to handle the reality within their brain hemispheres. There is deceit, manipulations, sexual exploitation, deep beneath the surface of the earth.

It has been guarded, the plan behind the plan, behind the plan, is the Light and the Light is winning. Freedom is occurring currently at all levels. Some of the people are being taken to hospitals that have been closed from the public, some to areas that have been specially prepared for dealing with these victims. Doctors and nurses all over the world are being taken, flown to the victims that are being freed. These individuals will also become traumatized for they will not be prepared for what they will find, but they came here to do this at this time.

COVID19 was a plan within a plan and those in high reality know this is not all that is truth, but a truth within an untruth to uncover lies within lies. The dark agenda has so much more, but it will not happen because all are being confronted. That which is above has exposed that which is below – those who do not see with their eyes, will feel with their hearts, the heart of truth. The game is over, it is ending and all will fall to their knees and they will pray for redemption for they will feel as they have never felt before and they will question why they could not see this. And those who have turned their backs for lifetimes – will be brought forward, into the Light, into conscious awareness – the truth within EVERY  individual will come forward.

The new Golden Children will hold the higher frequency of Light at this time – for most adults will not be able to hold it. Those who have been Awakened have been set in place for this to take place at this time, for those who have not yet wakened will fall into deeper entrapments of their mind. They will have forms of psychosis themselves, which many will not handle and they will choose whether to stay or go – it is their choice and their right to change their blueprint. If their only way to peace is to go, they will choose to go to another reality and may choose to return as a child to hold the higher Light.

Mother Earth in her consciousness as Gaia saw this and placed this call many years ago as the Harmonic Convergence. She has been aware of all that has occurred on and within her body, the pain she feels from the consciousness of reality, the pain and torture she has felt, and endured from all sentient beings. This is why the call went out, it would not be the death of her, for she knows the Power of Light and that she is a Child of God herself. She knew that if she asked the Father and Mother herself, it would be given to her – and it has come, in the guise of all Beings of Light from all corners of the Universe. All have come into this creation, the starseeds, the celestials, the elementals to assist and to serve for God – to help their sister, to remove the darkness that was and is not hers to hold. She can breathe once again and she feels the change, she knows and feels all that are in fear of COVID 19, but she knows more of the hidden fear that was held within for so long.

There are enough holding higher frequency for this now to take place, the crystalline grids that so many have been working, contributing and serving towards are holding the light within the grid system and maintained by the individual and mass meditations holding the highest vibrations through Love of the Mother.

The darkness can no longer hide or be hidden within this. Those who are Awakened within and utilizing the highest frequencies activate the freedom codes to free themselves from their minds.  There are adjustments that are taking place, within all the prisoners from slavery, sexual abuse, and victims of fear. Those who have lived within the lowest vibrations of darkness have no-where to go but out, for those that attempt to flee, that cross boundaries above the Earth, they will be collected by the Galactics that are waiting within the atmosphere. Many of these Galactics have been working with the collective consciousness, since the Harmonic Convergence, and spent this entire time holding Love and Light above the Earth. They have been not all physically present for those to see but have influenced, assisted, and worked with many that are also here in human form. We are here and we are committed – and we will not leave until our work is done. This is our work for God and Gaia and for humanity, be this said, and it is so.

There are many Masters involved that have become stuck in their own mind, unable to bring forward their intention within the darkness they encountered. It will take other Masters to help them to reveal and resolve to achieve the reason they came. When one has developed and integrated Faith and Trust in God and connected with the deepest unconditional love, they will stand upon their feet again and they will take their place and assist in all that they know gained from their experience into the darkness of this planet.

More caves and tunnel systems all over the world are being found, in every location.
All will see the Light of day and the Truth as the Christ within opens the Flame of Compassion in your hearts and the Love that all feel at source will prevail upon this planet as it did in its originations.

We are One Love, we are of One energy within One World. Integrate all that you are of both the Darkness and the Light by entering and embracing the Void within to accept the Unconditional Love of God within your hearts to expand and create the reality that has been hidden from you for so long.

When we return to God in Joy and Peace and transform all that we receive to Love, we become the Source Creators that we are born to be – I Am.
We leave you in peace and blessings.

We are the Light of Love and the Love of Light that is within all who seek God within their hearts.

So be it.

In Divine Love & Service,

Keleena Malnar,,
Paul Dobree – Carey ,