The Silence Within

After receiving the same question from many clients, I have decided to allow the message to flow into an article. I hope that this will help many of you just awakening or already awakened.

Keleena you always say meditate in your videos, why is it so important?

When we allow ourselves to meditate to a state that is in complete silence, we then have no thought. You are no longer connected to your daily worries, thoughts of past relationships, places, people, work, etc. You create space or void, which allows you the freedom of flow from spirit to come to you as an attraction of the pure vibration you are. This is where your creativity begins to flow to manifest your dreams into reality.

Meditation centers you. It removes you from the outer layers of the human self that you have created, to feel your true inner being. Your god/goddess self. In this state of being, you slow down your entire human world. You have no thoughts, which bring no worry, you stop aging, illness, dis-ease, you become one with yourself in a peaceful state of surrender that allows you to receive all that you deserve.

If one is in worry thought consciousness always, their focus will be on their busy schedule, what they have to do, people in their current life, or persons of their past relationships that they still have not released. The ego is connected to time. Time is linear, therefore your worries that stem from your current reality also comes from an emotion of fear, guilt, shame, not good enough, etc. You feel you have something to prove to yourself and others. In this life that you created, if you have not come to peaceful terms with situations or persons in your life, they will continually be your focus. You will then continue to manifest that which you do not want because you have not shifted your thoughts through forgiveness & compassion for yourself.

How do I end this suffering Keleena, I try all the time, and it does not stop?

The more you meditate and become one with your higher self/inner being, the more you see and feel the truth. The outer world does not reflect the true inner world of your higher self, which only knows and follows the universal laws of love. Your daily suffering is through your created thoughts, not your heart. The heart knows love; the ego feels pain.

When one begins to grow as a child, they become programmed, fed illusions from their parents or caretakers programming and conditioning. This then is the beginning of the child’s connection to an outer world; they will now grow to believe their actual world and who they are through the creation of others’ thoughts and realities. This programming is the beginning of the created ego that one then identifies themselves with as they grow and follow the conformity of society, telling them who they should be, what they should do, and how they have to get there. You become a character in your life movie, in the drama of the outer world reality that is not connected to your true god/goddess self.

Through meditation, one finds the stillness within and begins to feel the peaceful, loving bliss that they have surrendered when growing into the created ego that they identify themselves within their outer world, which is full of busy-ness, illusion, pain, suffering and so on. Meditation releases the reality you have created in your life and wakes you to the realization that you do not have to live like you currently do. You can make changes by letting go of the thoughts that create the fear-filled world you are living in.

When in this blissful state of meditation with our higher self, we free ourselves from our ego, which gives our ego nothing to identify with anymore. You have released who you thought you were to connect with who you are. You are this beautiful unconditionally loving fractal of source/god/goddess within your human vehicle walking this earth to live in love. Suffering happens when you live from your created egoic thoughts. Stop identifying your world as you do. Change your thoughts to what you wish it to be, what you wish to see, and allow yourself the freedom to love from your heart by loving yourself first. Love yourself enough to take the time to meditate or do yoga, whatever helps you center and release the outside drama you have created. Be in the present moment each day focusing on NOW, not on what happened yesterday, ten years ago, etc. Focus on what you want, not what you do not want. Focus on the miracles spirit has brought to you each day, every minute, whether it be the beauty of a blossoming flower, a baby giggling, a new love in your life, a new opportunity for growth, and so on.

When one creates this change, one can now truly enjoy something or someone new in their life fully when they have let go of the past. Letting go of what is no longer needed creates the space for something new, but you must let go.

The ego can be powerful, having one hold onto their past connections when one has not experienced actual release. However, love is more powerful, and when one realizes they deserve the best in life and places themselves first, loving themself enough, in forgiveness through the heart, they move from their created ego and painful experiences to live from their sacred heart.

Source/god/goddess does not want one to live in pain, human conditioning creates this, and you have the power to end your suffering and let go of the past. You came here to live each day, in the present moment, in love, from the heart.

You are love, and you have the power of love within you. Take the time to love yourself, to reconnect with your divine inner being in any form of meditation, and your world will change completely. You have the power within your beautiful heart.

We are one love, one heartbeat, one breath, one life.

Divine Love & Grace,
Keleena Malnar

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