Solstice Online Webinar Lighting the Sacred Fire

In the Fourth of this series of Webinars for 2019, for the Soulstice period, 21 December 2019, Keleena Malnar and Paul Dobree–Carey bring you the next offering of Light Encoded Activations transmissions through Keleena and practical Ascension advice through Paul entitled:

Invoking the Power Within – Lighting the Sacred Fire.

We will be discussing:

The journey through the Secret Chambers of the Heart from the beginning of the Soul’s journey to the Ascension process.

The importance of preparing before raising the awakened Kundalini Naga / Sacred Fire serpent energy.

Understanding manifested empowerment and coping with extreme emotional states.

How to prepare your Self energetically for 2020 as the spiritual journey of Soul Ascension / Descension continues unfolding and embodying within.

A complimentary Ebook will accompany the online webinar: – Invoking the Power Within – Lighting the Sacred Fire, describing and illustrating the subject matter, and is exclusive for those booking/attending the webinar.

Further details will be provided shortly via Facebook event and our Web sites event details.

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We look forward to seeing you there. Happy Solstice!


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