Nov. 10, 2019 Divine Message: I AM FREE

I walk this earth as a temple of light; therefore, I flow freely

I walk this earth as a temple of love; therefore, I flow freely.

I walk this earth as the goddess/god that I AM; therefore, I flow freely

I activate freedom within me.


(Repeat above 3x and feel the energy within your heart)

We walk this earth in the love of God and the love of the Goddess. Therefore, I AM a being of androgynous light hidden behind a facade of matter, incorporated into a vehicle which determines our gender for all to see how they wish, yet in our knowing, I AM all that exists is within, yet in reality obscure to most humankind.

See beyond the physical form, the gender bodies, the masks weaved into a web of lies, creating a nontruth of who we are. See the light within. Find the god spark of truth, wisdom, love, and light in your sacred hearts and feel the freedom begin to rise.

Your vibration is the interior of this light that exists within the reality of your inner being. It is of you, for you, to remain connected to your true home.

Become your goddess/god self through this transformation that returns you to the source. The love light, son/daughter of mother-father god.

We are one in the essence of all that is.

Divine Love & Grace,

10 Nov. 2019

“Learn to live from the heart, learn to live in love.” ~Keleena

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