November Shift

There is a flash of rays or codes incoming in two weeks of earth time that will shift the structures of many things. This shift is the beginning of the co-creation of change for the earth year 2020.

Our efforts, combined with the efforts of those upon the planet currently assisting, will identify the changes through the existence within their sacred hearts. Lightworkers keep up the excellent work as your efforts are known.

The molecular changes occurring are essential for those that choose to ascend, yet also for the human race to free themselves from their own combative thinking.

The heart is the center of our inner universe. It is the core structure of the human fields, dynamic electric and magnetic occurrence that connects with the flow of all that is and ever has been. However, the mind creates boundaries when not connected to the heart.

Creation is a key point in our ability to survive. Yet, the disconnect from the heart has shifted humanity’s survival, to be that of selfishness, rather than all loving, caring, nurturing, sharing, kindness, and so forth.

The shifts occurring will strengthen the bond within those that see this with the eyes of their hearts. The bond of the sacred heart and sacred mind is crucial in the dynamic flow of loving existence within one another to create the new world template. This bond will further eliminate the structural basis that many live within. The shakeup will continue in the human cycle of change. 

The change will also occur within the societal influences through the tv networks and social media. Please use discernment. Follow your heart.

The truth is now revealing itself, and now it is time for all to be aware of their own interactions with the political spectrum. The arena is emptying. The lies will not be heard any longer, and the non-heart felt decisions currently occurring will be aware to many more that are now awakening.

Mother Earth is not one to be taken advantage of as she has provided unselfishly for billions of years universally and will continue. Your heartbeat is her heartbeat; your breath is her breath. Do you have the eyes of the heart that see and feel her within your own existence?

Become one with all that is and ever has been, for you are all and everything. When you understand this, you will forgive yourself for all non-heart decisions that you have chosen, and all that you have seen as anything or anyone being separate from you.

I AM the eyes that see. I AM you. We are never separate, and we are never alone.

In God’s grace, the Mother and the Father, we are ONE.

Divine Lovelight Always,

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26 Oct 2019

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