Sisters of the Rose ~Magdalene Sisters & Melchizedek Brothers of Light in Unity Event

Are you ready to gather together for an impressive and transformational three-day Sisters of the Rose Magdalene Sisters & Melchizedek Brothers of Light in Unity Event, Workshop & Initiation?

We are excited to announce Keleena has received downloads from source guiding her to unite the Magdalene Sisters with the Melchizedek Brothers of light. These were the priestesses and priests that have worked to teach humanity ascension from their inner knowing. They understand the inner power, wisdom, & divine love of their tri-fold flame. They hold within them the secret teachings, healing modalities and inner magic they have embodied in every life.

With Keleena’s unique style and unlimited healing modalities, she will guide you through a profoundly transformational weekend for your ascension, while teaching the history of the sisterhood circle that started in Lemuria to Atlantis, Egypt, and how it has evolved to continue in today’s modern world. As a Magdalene, Keleena will activate all souls specifically with Light Language DNA activation codes and so much more. She will also discuss how through our sacred hearts we are to live with the support of our sisters and brothers in divine love, compassion, gratitude, unity, and how you will continue this tradition with your sacred work as a Magdalene Sisters of the Rose and Melchizedek Brothers of Light.

With Yeshayah’s own uniquely developed powerful Divine Yoga, healing abilities, he works with the Sword of Michael to clear your energy fields, is a Light Language DNA activator and more. He now joins Keleena as a Melchizedek High Priest Initiator, that is here to lead the brothers to their own inner light during this 3-day transformational and powerful weekend.

Keleena & Yeshayah are International Facilitators of Ascension and Light Language DNA Activators for all souls of all paths. The two of them together bring forth the divine feminine and divine masculine in balanced harmony in this event, to assist you in your own ascension process, while activating you to continue your journey of ascension. They will help you find the balance needed within yourself, removing you from your created ego fears to live from your sacred heart. Together they are here to assist you in removing yourself from patriarchal control.

Are you ready to allow your sacred rose heart to unfold, to heal, to find your true self and remember your calling? If so, this is for you.

“Keleena has the powerful ability to know who you are and who you need to connect with to assist in each other’s awakening process. If you are being called to attend this life-shifting workshop, even if you have no clue on how you will get there, don’t think just follow your heart as it knows best. The circumstances will be in your favor and will lead you back home.”  ~Sister Jess, Sedona Sisters of the Rose Attendee

“During my sessions, Keleena organized a Sisters of the Rose initiation in Holland (June 2019). I knew instantly that I had to be there and booked a place before my ego could intervene and worry about the travel, costs etc.! What an incredibly amazing experience this was, not only to meet Keleena and her wonderful sacred partner, Yeshaya, but I felt so humbled to watch her work with fellow Sisters and Brothers of Light with such grace and beauty. I shed tears of pure joy to be present in her energy and love.

I cannot highly recommend Keleena enough. You need to trust your own heart and higher self, and if you feel drawn to working with her or attending her retreats, then I can guarantee you will be gifted with greeting the many treasures that already lie within you but haven’t realized existed until now.” ~Dr. Alexandra Dent, Holland Sisters of the Rose

“The work that they do, meeting them and spending time with them is powerful beyond words, and it will leave its footprint on your soul for eternity, as it has left its footprints on mine. And, if you have a chance to attend any of their workshops, or can find a way just to make it happen- please, trust the universe, trust yourself- and show up for yourself. It is very much worth the adventure, and I hope I will encounter many more special moments like this again too.”  ~Sabrina Kanji, UK Glastonbury 2019

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We look forward to meeting you on this fabulous journey!

In Divine Love & Grace,

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