Lion’s Gate Workshop & Event on Mount Shasta

We are very excited to announce our Mount Shasta two-day workshop & event! This event takes place during Lion’s Gate on beautiful Mount Shasta. At this time, we will have a spectacular influx of energies that will be arriving for your soul connection, your third eye, and divine sacred heart expansion. Not only is this day to connect with these awakenings and expansions, but also the balance and union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in you. This is available through the work, many have been conducting for the crystalline grid, the earth’s consciousness, and collective consciousness to activate your sovereignty, and freedom through the crystalline sacred heart. This is how we take back freedom, our joy, peace and our bliss!

Each year this event occurs on August eighth, and while in Sedona in April this year, Keleena received a vision, visitation and gifted two white Lyran lions as well as massive downloads to be on Shasta for Lion’s gate.  We have been being prepared for this balancing since April and this year of 2019 is getting us ready for the Divine Feminine Lemurian amplifying year of 2020.

Everyone is invited to participate. Single beautiful souls, Sacred Partners, Soulmates, Couples of all kinds and those going through the Twin Flame Ascension process to freedom, here is your calling! Are you ready to connect at higher levels to the divinity that you are, to activate your freedom, and are you prepared to create your new earth timeline?

For those ready to spend two days with Keleena and her sacred partner William, this will be a spectacular experience of high vibrational energies!

William Melchizedek of the Netherlands is a Wayshower and a Divine Yoga Healer and Divine Masculine light language activator.  With the combination of Hatha, Kriya and a few other yogas, he conducts what he has termed as Divine Yoga Healing. William is here to assist all souls in their ascension process to remove themselves from their created ego fears and connect you to your divine crystalline sacred diamond heart.

William will be conducting this yoga as it provides unification of the body, mind, soul, and great infinite soul to release tension & stress.  This yoga will assist to be more in tune with the cosmos so that the natural lifestream will flow through you. He will also be teaching conscious breath to activate and clear your energy channels. The breathing will allow the vast influx of light to enter your system more natural, that is arriving over this period during Lions’ Gate and the balance of 2019. Yoga is the union between Shiva (masculine), the Sun, Divine Consciousness, Fathers love, with Shakti (feminine), the Earth, Wisdom, Compassion, Mothers love, Divine Life Force Energy.

Keleena Malnar of USA is a Wayshower and International Facilitator of Ascension. Her work represents her inner Divine Goddess energy as a Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, Shamanic Healer, Isis High Priestess Soul Healer, Sound Healer, and Light Language Key Code DNA Activator. Keleena speaks all the Universal languages of light to activate all souls. Guided years ago, what Keleena speaks is the Universal Language of Love. She is also connected in many lives to the Sisterhood of the Rose as a High Priestess of Isis Activator & Initiator and still conducts this today. She teaches women to connect with their inner goddess, to embrace it and empower themselves in their divinity. Keleena is here to assist all souls on all paths in removing themselves from their created ego and back to their divine crystalline sacred diamond heart through all of her healing modalities, light language activations and personal channeling from your points of origin.

Keleena will be conducting Light Language DNA Key Code Activations as well as healing. She has is guided that she will bring through the Divine Goddess Mother Sophia on this day. And, will be channeling one or more of the Lyran, Arcturian, Sirian and Pleiadian/Lemurians with divine messages to assist those that attend. Keleena will bring through all that is needed in the moment of now. This concludes day one’s activities.

Our two-day event will begin at 12:30 PM in downtown Mount Shasta at the Shasta Yoga Institute on day one.  Start time and day two is being held outside will be disclosed after booking your space for the event.

In Divine Love, William & Keleena are incredibly excited to bring this event to you and cannot wait to see you there!  Let us gather together our soul families of divine love light and cosmic love light ancestors in UNITY!

“Your freedom is through your Sacred Heart.” ~Keleena Malnar

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To book your ticket go to

Two-Day Event Energy exchange $222

Please see all information on the “Upcoming Events” page regarding refunds and age allowance at the event.


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