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Hello Netherlands & Surrounding Area Sisters!

Keleena is flying in for this powerful and transformational 2 full day event in Deurne Holland, the Netherlands for those that receive the call from the past or present to become Modern-Day Sisters of the Rose~Sister of Light. If you have seen roses in vision, the smell of roses filling your room, they show up in your environment where ever you go, are gifted in meditation, etc., you are remembering, and your sacred heart is calling you!

Keleena had the call in 1992 when she received her first visitation from Mother Mary permeating her apartment in mid-winter. Please read the article of this exciting event for her and also — if you have not — watch her hypnosis performed by Alba Weinman. You can find both of these on Keleena’s website.

On the first day of this sacred event, Keleena conducts deactivations of the old coding of the Magdalene Order performed with her powerful Light Language Activations, which in turn causes purging, then light language activations for you personally for your souls calling to bring forth all that you embody. For many, this is a deeper heart awakening, more healing modalities, artistic abilities, creativity come forth and much more for you to utilize in this modern days calling of the return to your sacred heart.

Exciting News! At this event, Keleena will be introducing a Magdalene Brother of Light.

This Event takes place on Friday 12 & Saturday 13 of July 11 AM to 6 PM.

Offering Early Bird Pricing for 48 hours only and this event WILL sell out fast! Space is limited.

Much more details are located on the Upcoming Events page of the website at

You will receive an email with the exact location of the hotel event after ticket purchase.

(Please use your computer for booking your ticket, as the website on phones takes more time to update, and you may miss the 48 hour cutoff for special pricing.)

Keleena hopes to see you there.

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