Welcome to June my loves!  A new June energy and light language video will be out this week; however, here is some of my travel news.

With the return of the Lemurian energies upon us, I have been called last December to be in Hawaii in 2019 to do some work with the Lemurian frequencies of the Crystalline Grid. This work will connect with the work I have completed in Sedona and will be conducting in Mount Shasta. I will also be visiting the retreat centers to hold a retreat in 2020.

My journey takes me to Hawaii this month of June 2019. If you wish to collaborate or book an in-person session with Keleena, please use the contact form on the website for more details.

Sending divine love in service always,


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  1. Will you visit the Big Island of Hawaii? If so when. I live on that island but am currently on my way to Mt Shasta and will return 6/25.

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