My Hypnosis with Alba Weinman

For all that have questioned having hypnosis, I urge you if you can to do this at least once. Below is the link to my hypnosis with the wonderful Alba Weinman, (a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist) revealing one part of my life’s purpose as a Sister of the Rose, Sister of Light. This session confirmed for me the synchronicities and signs I had been experiencing since a child, and also the Sisters of the Rose Events I had already been participating in as an Activator and Initiator. My work as a Light Language Key Code Activator for all souls is also recorded in this video. Please enjoy at your convenience.  With over 22,000 views, many have been activated with the light language; however, we need to reach more through sharing. Much information and light language activations (universal language of love) are included in here for the collective.

In Divine Love & Grace, I share this with you.

Keleena Malnar
Light Language Key Code Activator
Sisters of the Rose, Sisters of Light Initiator & Activator
Quantum Energy Healer
Reiki Master/Teacher
YouTube: Keleena Malnar
Facebook: Keleena Malnar
Instagram: keleenaloves

For more information on Alba Weinman hypnosis, please visit


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