Empowering Women & the Release of Control

I ask you to see with your heart what is written, for you to understand more of who you are and, why you have returned in this life.

So many women are connected to and believe they are a goddess original/archetype/character from old energy timelines. These old timelines have caused the destruction of our inner truth under patriarchal control through ego control methods. These characters are not who we are today. They were personalities developed while in human form to teach and learn and, are still written about for that exact reason, however, I ask you, please do not attach yourself to one or two of these characters.

Your current life is who you are here to create in this very moment, and you have chosen aspects of the past characters for your own experience to assist you in your journey now. Be grateful for the stories of those that came before you, and what you have learned from them, and allow those belief systems and timelines to collapse for you as you heal your inner child wounds and your divine feminine goddess wounds. Those are experiences of the old earth, old timelines, the old patriarchal energy that you came to free yourself from.

Divine Goddess sisters, you are not those characters/playing those roles anymore. Many of you are relating to specific goddesses due to your story or the suffering you endured under control as you are seeing and feeling this within your current life reality. I ask you, please let go of the character as this is not who you are now. You are feeling the pain of being under control by the patriarchy life after life, and each woman came back to free herself from this. Not just for you, but for the collective as well. 

If a woman feels a man or masculine energy is more powerful, there is a reaction from the subconscious, and consciously they will run not knowing why if they are not in balance embracing their divine feminine and masculine within. This repelling action happens not only in women but men too. Those that choose to run right away at their initial meeting feel the power of being controlled from a subconscious fear of past. This reaction need be addressed consciously, acknowledged, and forgiven, to free themselves from this repeating pattern. (photo: Mother Mary, Ohio)

You returned in the divine feminine form to assist in changing this world. You did not come back here to be submissive anymore! You are here to rise in the power of your inner spirit. You agreed to this, and each situation presented to you that makes you see and feel control will trigger you, to stand in your power or you have the choice to revert back to the old timeline and hang out there where maybe you are comfortable being second in line to masculine. Is that what you want? Co-dependency, to feel safe and secure? When, in fact, you are powerful enough to create this within yourself? You are no lesser than anyone else. You returned to claim your FREEDOM from this control, and you do it by loving yourself enough to have the courage, look within, see that you are both energies that have resulted in how the world is currently, forgive yourself and others, and let it go. Claim your sovereignty.

In my work as a Sister of the Rose Magdalene High Priestess Initiator and Activator in this life again, I remove the chains that bind with light language key codes and the massive energy work from the women at my events, that had been obtained during the old Magdalene Order. These key code activations come from my inner being, higher self. I know what I am precise to do for each soul with downloads from spirit. There is no outline to follow when we are in divine union with our higher self. As above, so below.

The original, Magdalene ways did not fully work. We were still under patriarchal control in many ways. We were suppressed timeline after timeline and, this ends now. My work is to unite women in a common bond to stand in their power, find their true self and their inner being abilities, that they will utilize to change this world in unity and community. If you have returned as a woman, you came to assist in change for our Mother Earth and humanity. For some, your presence and your divine love light may only need to be required.

This is the new modern Magdalene Sisters of the Rose, Sisters of Light. Part of my mission is to unify women around the globe. Assist them in releasing whom they believe they use to be, to see the beauty within themselves as the goddess they are now. To receive the activation codes, to release from the old and to create their new organic timeline. Embrace themselves how they are in their own divine perfection, and each other, in love, respect, compassion, joy, and harmony, no matter where they are on this planet. To share their abilities with one another through their hearts and allow themselves to see that all are different yet equal. No one is better than the other. There is no competition when we live from our hearts in divine love.

There are those of us that came to lead this change. We are referred to as a Way-shower. We live from our sacred heart, assisting you, yet we are no more important than you. See us for who we are as wayshowers, the role we chose as old souls. We are your teachers and leaders, in a way to lead you to your truth, then see you off on your own, like a child spreading their wings to fly. Not to lead you in a controlling manner. We will share our source knowledge with you, to assist you in finding yourself, your truth through your heart and, to embrace your divinity within.

(The photo above is from my work following the Roseline conducting activations at these sacred sites connected to the Magdalene Order. Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland. I have seen myself here before in visions. )

Through experiences and deep in their knowledge, many sisters had the call with visions of roses or the scent of roses being gifted throughout their lifetime as I have. As a child, I grew up with roses surrounding our home, I had seen in the Catholic church that the women were missing as I scanned the walls and stained glass windows every Sunday. In my heart, I had a deep love for Mother Mary and Yeshua. At the age of 22 in my apartment was my first time smelling roses permeate the room in the dead of winter. I had no money to buy food, let alone a rose! Minutes later, my father called me, and I explained what happened. He laughed and said, ‘that is Mother Mary, you are very lucky.’  I will never forget that conversation with him. He believed me, and I shall hold it forever in my heart. After that encounter, the signs continued with people I did not know that would approach me and say they were psychic and that I had roses all around me. Just recently, a lovely woman also told me I had roses all around me. She stated, “I don’t know who you are, but I thought maybe you are Mother Mary, and now I see her standing next to you on your right with roses.” Confirmations, synchronicities of who we have been are beautiful clues; however, we are no longer these persons. They are part of our soul embodiment, and how we utilize our benevolent lives in oneness is what is essential in what we are creating in the current moment. (photo: Praying hands of Mary, Scotland)

Women that have already been activated and initiated at the event experience the purge/release of the old, to allow the new at all levels after their departure. All receive three days of specific activations for their soul. These women were called to awaken to a part of something they once were, and still are until the old binding is removed that allows them to walk in the new essence they will now bring as a modern-day Sister of the Rose, Sister of Light. I honor you.

All divine feminine across the globe, no matter if you participated as Sister of the Rose in the past, you came to empower yourself by taking back your own freedom. You returned to rise in the divinity that you are. To free yourself from suppression, submissiveness, and competition. It is time to free yourself from the created ego under the patriarchal ways without becoming overly masculine. Balance in love creates harmony within and outside of yourself. This is how we change the world. Union within thyself creates union outside of thyself.  You are all that is, and no one nor anything has any power over you. So be it.

In Divine Love & Grace,


Wayshower, Sacred Heart Ascension
Sisters of the Rose Initiator
Light Language Key Code Activator
Quantum Energy Healer


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