Light Language Activation Webinar & E-book

Another client left her personal session with Keleena speaking light language yesterday! Do you want to learn more about our Universal Light Language and be activated? Join our webinar this weekend Saturday, May 11, with two Ascension Wayshowers Paul Dobree-Carey and Keleena Malnar.

Paul is a Blue Ray Cosmic Messenger and will be sharing his work on the energies and vibrations of light language with the etymology of the words that reflect this heart-based language of love. He is currently working on this book. You may be able to translate some of the words that you are speaking with the work he has accomplished so far.

As a Key Code Activator of Light Languages, Keleena will talk about the different forms of light language and walk you through the activation. Keleena is also an activator for many other types of healing modalities, earthwork, raising kundalini through sacred fire dance, gridwork, and more. Her poetry is light encoded to activate as well as her writing and intuitive art pieces. She will discuss how to utilize light language in many different ways.

The language of light, the language of love, cannot be distorted in any way and all souls can be soul activated to speak it.

Many have already signed up, if you are interested in being activated and understanding what you may be saying, also how to utilize it in your daily life, please join our zoom webinar this Saturday, May 11, 2019.

For more information and to sign up click on the “Events” tab on this website.

Divine Love & Grace,

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