Magic of Sedona

The beauty and magic of Sedona are far more than words will ever be written. I encourage everyone to visit there at least once and especially the vertices! That is where the real magic occurs.

My personal journey here brought forth my past lives as a Hopi Native Indian. I saw myself as a what I call a high priestess of healing and magic/alchemy… Shaman. In this current life, I still embody and use all that comes forth from these lives. I will now share with you the magic I personally experienced and was captured in pics by my soul sister Laurel, which for whom I am deeply grateful that she joined me on this journey.

My call to go to Sedona started when I woke with spirit giving me visions of Sedona. It was planned to happen earlier in the year and canceled. We all know divine timing is everything! A week later I was in Phoenix connecting with Laurel who decided to join me for this magical week. I was exhausted from the plane trip, the drive to her place and we still had an hour drive from her house to our destination. Laurel offered to drive my car and updated me on her current life situation. I knew immediately I would have light language activations for her. I also saw that this journey would be transformational for her, as I kept seeing butterflies all around her in vision. After arriving at our destination at an Airbnb Serene Sedona Retreat owned by a beautiful healer Karen (another sister of light), we quickly passed out.

Waking groggy the next day from the trip I still could not believe I was in Sedona. I have wanted to go for so long! It was an inner calling, and here I finally was. This day took us to the Airport Mesa masculine vortex where I conducted beautiful light language activations on the land while unknown to me Laurel was filming and recording. At one point when I finished and opened my eyes, there was a small crowd of people inquiring what I was doing. I was deeply grateful for their questions, as the more we share of our inner soul work and magic, the more souls can awaken to their own.  

At this vertice I connected with a tree I sat in. As it cradled me, I allowed an activation to come through that was shared online for you. Laurel took some beautiful pics that captured me as light. Remember, we are moving from carbon-based humans to crystallized. You can see the golden light shining on and illuminating from my face as the sun touches the crystals. These are original photos with no filters or changes!

We spent several hours there before heading to one of my favorite vertices the Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock feminine vortex. At this magical location, the energy was much stronger, and I felt lifted entirely. I went about doing light language activations and connected with mother earth for several hours in meditation. The peace and calm here are absolutely serene. I felt no physical pain, no harshness from the 3D world, an only higher vibration of love and feeling hugged by mother earth.

At this location, I was called to several trees. The first near the creek that contained a huge heart on the outside of her. As I leaned my heart against her, I heard clearly that she is the heart chakra location of Sedona and that she is the giving tree. The calm and love from this tree was absolutely unforgettable and calls me back. I conducted a light language song there that I later found out is called the “Love Song.” This song I sing in the forests, mountains, desert, at oceans, lakes, anywhere I am in nature with the elementals. It is a highly vibrational song that comes through my sacred heart at a frequency that connects with them. Truly magical.

The next tree along the creek was a connection of several trees in oneness. When connecting with it, I heard that it is an abundance tree. At the base of this tree, there is a stump full of water coming from below a connection to the creek. This is the symbol for purification like the sacred goddess wells all around the world. It also symbolizes how the mother is always giving us all that we need in abundance. Meditating in this tree was complete bliss!

After heading away from the creek, I was guided to one of the biggest trees I personally have ever seen. My heart completely opened extremely wide as I approached her. I saw in vision many Indians around her. I was seeing her as a gathering tree but oh the connection and magic I found and felt in her! I immediately hugged her, heart to heart and wanted to cry. So much love poured into me. I felt love, healing, and remembered being here under her, in a past life. The flashes and visions were numerous. This tree carries the essence of the divine mother of pure unconditional love and wisdom of the goddess. As I hugged her, I silently heard walk around to the other side and that there is a message for me. Now please know, two days before I left for Sedona, I had visited a local park with my daughter where I live and have worked for almost 10 years with the divine goddess mother energies. At this park, I had received a beautiful message from our holy mother there! She finally had displayed herself upon a cliffside for me, as well as connecting me to a tree that shows the triple goddess, maiden, mother and crone. I will be conducting workshops there soon for women to connect with her healing power and self-empowerment as well.  So, here I am now in Sedona, about to get another message from the divine mother!

As I walked around the tree and stopped, I looked straight at the mother’s womb! In the womb, you will see Mother Mary holding an infant with a crown above its head! I teared up. My heart knows that I am entirely on my path with all of this love and guidance from the divine mothers. This tree and area is definitely the divine feminine vertice connection for all women and men to balance that part of themselves. It was also a message for me as I have been told in meditation that I am to assist all God’s children while I am here. This does not mean just small children, my guides showed me it says all souls.

Waking the next morning, I was buzzing from all the energy and wondering what could possibly happen today. The day before was so profound, emotional and confirming for me. You can also feel the difference when you are at the vortex and when you are not. The vortex you feel no pain, no 3D earth life controlled timeline. It is like stepping into the higher consciousness of another world. If I could, I would sleep there in a tree!

This morning we decided that the next vertice is the Knoll and Kachina. Just the name Kachina sent activations through my body. I knew this day would be convincing as it represents the masculine and feminine balance. Always expect the unexpected. Hiking up this cliffside I could see and remember being here. My body was vibrating as memories were rushing forth. I felt the light language activations already entering my crown on the hike up. At the top, we took a moment to take in the view. Breathtaking, amazing, no words and total feeling of complete and utter bliss went through my body!

After meditation, I began light language on the Knoll side. This is the masculine side of this vortex. Afterward, I walked to the Kachina side, (feminine side of vortex) where I continued with more light language and activations. On this side, I was not aware that Laurel had been filming. For myself, I felt the pain of mother earth and how we had betrayed her. All of us, through patriarchal control programming, we chose to serve self first, without caring what happened to our earth, as greed took over every human on this planet.

Thousands of years of pain I felt coming up from her into my own sacred heart. I was to help clear this pain today, and I did. At this time Laurel was videoing all of this. We watched later only to see the sacred heart appearing on my own face with a dagger in it. This picture is in original form, just blown up bigger for you to view. This is the same symbol as the one Mary Magdalene holds in front of her. This marks betrayal by humans with patriarchal control and religions portraying her as non-existent in Yeshua’s life as his wife and a Christed Divine Feminine as he is. Have we betrayed our heavenly feminine sacred mother earth, Gaia, in the same way? Yes!

Heading back to the Knoll side, I had stepped out on a ledge to continue light language. With our surprise, a wonderful man approached introducing himself as Robert. He said he had a heart for us full of magic. My heart pounded, a heart full of magic! I am all over that! He then proceeded to gift both of us with these beautiful Sedona heart crystals that he creates. It is his calling to climb to the very top of the Knoll every day, to bring magic into these crystal red Sedona rocks, activate them with his flute and reiki. He is such a calm, peaceful man full of love. He does this daily. This is his calling as he is retired and stepped into his work to serve. I saw him as an Indian chief while speaking with him but did not reveal this just yet.

As Robert excused himself to the top of the Knoll, I knew I had to head across from him back to the Kachina, to conduct more light language on the feminine side. During this, I heard Robert announcing his songs and what magic he was bringing into his beautiful heart crystals and touching all the persons listening. At one point he stopped. I continued my work, then when I opened my eyes I could see Robert watching.  He gave me a wave with his flute. I waved back and namaste him for his service as well. After 5 hours in this vortex, Laurel and I decided it was time to go as the sun was beginning to descend. What we noticed in this vortex, is that we have no hunger or thirst. It was not until climbing down back into the lower consciousness level I will call it, that you feel the survival needs of the physical body. What a beautiful day connecting with Robert here and also seeing the crystals in my hands illuminating even more. They had changed from all white to now the color spectrum of the rainbow.

The following morning we headed back to the divine feminine vortex. I had heard I needed to complete some work there.  Enroute, we had taken a wrong turn or was it? We ended up pulling into a beautiful place to turn around and were greeted by another man named Robert! This was actually the fourth time the name Robert had come up for us on this trip. This Robert proceeded to tell us he is the gardener and much more on this property that is rented for retreats, family vacations, etc. Just minutes before pulling in I had been telling Laurel how since 2014, I have seen visions of opening a retreat & healing center for people to use, as well as my place to dwell. Synchronicity? The site is beautiful and gave me many ideas. Robert provided us with information and the correct route back to the divine feminine vertice.

In the night I woke up as one of my guides was speaking very loud. Why do they insist on doing this in the wee hours of the night? This guide proceeded to tell me I must head back to the Knoll and Kachina in the morning and that more work is needed.

That morning I woke early waiting for Laurel to rise. She, however, slept in as she was going through a massive transformation and needed the rest. I could see her shifting internally and externally.  Laurel is the author of “The Giving Stump”. A book on her journey through and back narcissistic abuse. I saw the beauty in her that I feel she was not seeing within herself. She was and is blossoming. I love this beautiful cousin and goddess sister. Maybe she will write of her own experience in Sedona soon.

After Laurel created a lovely vegan breakfast for us, we headed to our destination. Unpacking our stuff from the car we heard, I have a heart for you ladies. Giggles, we immediately knew it was Robert! Turning around, we said hello, and Robert directly stated, “You are the woman that does the light language activations!”  I responded with a yes, and he proceeded to tell us that he had something incredible to share from that day.

Robert went on to say that while on top of the knoll he was playing his flute and watching me at the Kachina. He stated I almost gave him a heart attack(that is when he stopped playing as I mentioned earlier), he went on to say, I have no idea who you are and what you actually do, but you are so powerful and full of magic. Robert stated that when observing my activations, everything all of a sudden disappeared except for him and myself, the only thing visible was a bright white light over and surrounding me from above. He explained everything was gone, nothing existed. No rocks, no sky, nothing existed but him and me, and he could hear me across the distance. (some of you may remember my experience like this almost a year ago I spoke of in my videos.) Robert had never experienced anything like this in his life and stated he may never again. He thanked me graciously for showing me, that he felt I am entirely in my I AM presence and that he was to witness this with his heart, and is own eyes. I was in gratitude for him sharing this with me. Again, confirmation that I am in my mission and doing what I came on earth to do. Angels are everywhere…wink.

Laurel and I climbed back up the mountain knowing Robert would join eventually. His love for what he does is purely remarkable. I then realized I had to see that within myself. I absolutely love what I do, and I express this just by doing it and being myself in full passion for my work. No masks, no hiding. I am entirely out of the closet. Others may judge me and create their own perceptions of what I do, but that is only a reflection forcing them to see, that they are still in their created ego. No matter what anyone else thinks of what I do, is not my concern and this I saw in Robert as well. I must remain true to myself and the goddess I AM.

This day at the Kachina things went a little different. I was guided by the divine mothers to do a womb cleansing for mother earth. My shamanic life from Lemuria came forth, and I began this womb cleansing in light language activation, shamanic song, and prayer. I could feel her releasing as it released in myself as well. It was quite powerful. I was in tears, as I felt her within and through me. I felt the power of the divine mothers working through me as well. This process took place for an hour. Afterward, the divine mothers guided me to offer a womb cleansing to all of the women that were present at the Kachina today. In a state of bliss and peace in my heart, I walked across to the Knoll announcing to the women that I would be conducting a womb cleansing for anyone that wished to receive it at the Kachina soon.

For a short time, I conducted more work on the masculine side, the Knoll, then headed back to the Kachina announcing again that I am now ready to perform the womb cleansing and that it was free for whoever wished to join. Laurel was the first to jump up and state she is coming! I giggled with her. When I arrived and turned around, I was surprised that almost every woman came over. My heart felt so much love, yet another confirmation that I was meant to do this. After explaining what they would feel to ease them, I began. I could see during this that some were crying. I knew they could feel the activation happening within them. It is quite powerful as my Shamanic self comes forward. Afterward, I knew I was there to not only witness these 10 or so women place their trust in me. These women do not know me at all, yet they trusted what I was doing and followed their own intuition to be there that day. Many proceeded to tell me they had been guided to be there but had not known why. One beautiful lady who had a hard time walking, knew that morning when she woke that she had to be there. Her husband drove her and helped her up the mountain. Everyone there was meant to be there, for whatever they were to receive that day. I am truly blessed to have witnessed more from all of them than they will ever know. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Upon the conclusion of this, the ladies thanked me and headed on their way. I conducted more light language activations until I heard I have completed all I came there to do.

Gathering my crystals, I see Robert approaching. Looking at him, I could tell something happened. He began to tell me he had witnessed the same thing again, but this time it was a little different. He was able to observe everything break up into tiny particles before disappearing. Still, the only thing left was himself and me with the white light from above around me once more. He shook his head and once again stated he has no clue who I am or what I do but “my god you are powerful” he said. In my own complete shock that he was able to see this again, I thanked him for sharing. I explained to him that I see him as a Hopi Indian Chief and I understood his connection to the land and his magic. I then conducted soul activations specifically for him. Laurel and I wished him well, as we realized we had been here over 5 hours again. On our journey down the mountainside, I felt like I had come home. I did not want to leave. I knew I embodied my past life as the Hopi Indian high priestess for my own personal ascension and that all I had witnessed was for my own soul’s growth and evolution.

The last day in Sedona Laurel and I decided to visit the Bell Rock Vortex. This one is for both feminine and masculine but also for balance. As we arrived you could immediately feel the vibrations in the parking lot yet there were quite a ways to go to get to the vortex. This would be a beautiful day of meditation but also a day where I was able to assist Laurel with some souls that were connecting to her in meditation. These souls I feel were too attached to the land and claiming it as their own. They were wanting Laurel to assist in this claim. Coming out of my personal meditation and light language songs she began to tell me about this. My higher self spoke softly yet swiftly. I stated that “Nobody owns the land mother earth is Gaia.”  Earth was created for all, and nobody owns her, no matter if you paid money for where you live, you will never own her, so please detach from her as she is her own consciousness being. Laurel’s face when this came through me, was in beautiful recognition of truth. She then went back to her meditation to speak this truth to the natives claiming this land. This was a part of her reason for being here as well as her transformation. This day ended beautifully with this divine message.

On our drive back to Phoenix, I knew inside my heart, that I would return. I knew the divine feminine vertices was calling to me to bring sisters and/or brothers here, to share what I have discovered with the divine mothers’ guidance.

In deepest gratitude with them and listening to my own higher self, I have chosen this place for its high vibrations, purification it brings, love, healing, magic, balance, harmony and much more to conduct Sisters of Light~Sisters of the Rose Initiation and workshops here. I cannot wait to hold this first gathering in the United States this April,(see Upcoming Events page on the website) in such a highly vibrational sacred place for all sisters to experience, receive and share their own goddess journey on their path of self-discovery into their highest lovelight.

May you all be blessed as your ascension journey continues to unfold. You are love. You have always been and forever shall be.

In Divine Love & Grace,
Keleena Malnar

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Quantum Energy Healer

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