Dismantling the Masculine Control Within so Without

In your choice to read this article, please do so with an open mind and read it in its entirety before you are quick to step into ego judgement of what has been channeled.

In the efforts to create change upon the planet all souls agreed to everything that has happened and is happening. The masculine energy has agreed to participate in patriarchal control for ions and the feminine energy has agreed to be suppressed. Now however, we have been witnessing the change amongst both sides since the era when women fought for the right to vote.

Since this time, feminism around the world began to take place and in this trial period many of the women that agreed to be the feminists also agreed to push the limits of their own masculine energy. Unfortunately, many pushed so far as to become the ego driven masculine energy themselves.

Most men in this same period continued their agreement of suppressing the feminine energy. However, some became the opposite taking on too much feminine energy becoming suppressed as well. Unfortunately, just being in the physical male body, this continues the programmed beliefs in women that all masculine are still the suppressors to this current day.  

Now let us say thank you, to all of the above for the roles they have played however, it is time for the aggressive feminists that are out of balance with their divine feminine, to regain their authenticity of a balanced human being, in both their masculine and feminine energy.  Just as it is necessary for all the men becoming the divine masculine to center themselves, remove their beliefs and programming of women to become balanced within as well. This goes both ways.

Yes, we all have worked hard in many lives to return the equilibrium of both genders upon the planet yet remember, that every soul participated in both sides, creating what we are experiencing and now it is time to end this game and we can only accomplish this together.

It is time to return to our truth, that all of this was to learn polarity and duality for our souls evolution and we are given the opportunity, with free will, to create the change.  Just as what has been channeled and presented in videos regarding the aggressive masculine laying down their armor, it is time for the overly aggressive feminist and those women constantly complaining that men are not evolving, to do the same.  All souls must create the balance of both energies within themselves to be able to create this on Gaia. This is how it works. Look in the mirror and listen to yourself. What are you sending out to the collective consciousness?

If you wish to ascend, we must work together in love.  Ego fighting has no place here anymore. All genders may still push for the return of equality for women and men however, it will be a positive change when we all agree to not blame one, nor the other, for what has happened.  

You ALL participated in this project, now you must all use your sacred hearts to return equality, peace and love amongst men and women in all cultures, all generations, all races and all countries. It begins with compassion, forgiveness and divine unconditional love whilst living from your heart.

Sisters we see many more of you beginning to take back your freedom and are claiming your sovereignty however, using foul language in a negative  aggressive tone, building walls around your heart claiming that you will allow no one in, keeps you in the patriarchal control game. This is your reaction from the past wounded goddess energy. This is not the energy of the divine feminine goddess returning to her sacred heart that only knows love, compassion, forgiveness, caring, kindness and nurturing. Look in your heart and see the truth.

Sisters, we ask that you be careful before categorizing your brothers anymore with your inner programming about men restricting you or taking your rights from you. You are not, nor have ever been a victim, as you agreed to this.  

Brothers that are awakening and are awake, we ask that you look within yourself at the templates you are here to break from inner programming, and focus on what you know in your heart is right, to create equality for both genders.  

Sisters we also ask that you are not quick to judge when a masculine enters a room. Many men have stepped into their divine masculinity by taking on the role of single fathers.  They have raised their children becoming both mom and dad stepping into both roles. They have been the nurturer, caregiver and faced emotions, tears of pain and joy. For ions they have had to suppress this within their souls through the programming of their gender as well.  We welcome the divine masculine that has accepted the feminine piece of whom he is, that displays his emotions, cries and wears his heart on his sleeve, yet remains balanced for his family. 

We ask both men and women do not judge these men.  They are not a sissy nor are they de-masculated. They are balanced and have clearly created harmony of both energies within. They are the divine masculine. Honor and respect them, for they have broken the template of patriarchal control for their family lineage and the collective. Brothers look up to them, learn from them and know it is okay to shed tears and show emotions whilst still remaining the masculine gender, that has now evolved into the divine masculine.  Sisters honor, respect and love your brothers that have come this far. This is what you wished to see. They are here and you will find them, when you choose to see with your open sacred heart.

Brothers, we ask the same of you. Do not be quick to judge that every woman is needy and looking for a mate to only take care of them financially. Women have stepped into their power over the years working hard to provide for themselves and many as single mothers. Women have had to step into masculinity to be able to provide and be the nurturer and caregiver for their children as well. This has caused many to lose their divine feminine essence and protect their hearts as well as their children. They moved into their power to survive on half the earnings that a man would receive whilst also being judged by both women and men that they have broken up their family. These women too have broken the templates for their family lineage and the collective, by creating change as they chose to become single moms for many different reasons unbeknownst to the outside world.

Remember, you do not know what happens behind closed doors. Please understand their struggles of suppression and applaud their triumph, as they too have stepped into harmony balancing both roles. These women are too returning to their divine feminine, removing the armor to live from their sacred hearts after facing degradation, suppression and daily struggle, to regain equality for their gender, whilst creating change for their daughters and future generations. Brothers and sisters, honor and respect these women as they too must return their sacred hearts to live in love.

Let us not categorize, scrutinize nor segregate the genders anymore with this ridiculousness. It will never end if you do not change your thought about this particular subject within yourself. You have the power to create that which you wish to see however, it must be done from the heart, not the ego anymore and it must begin with you.

As we write this we are reminded of those that will scrutinize what is written here because they are born physically a certain gender, yet have more of the opposite energy and do not feel this applies. It does. And to those labeling themselves as non gender specific it applies to you as well. All souls need to balance both their masculine and feminine energy to create harmony within to restore harmony, peace and love upon Gaia.

We are all birthed from our creators love. The only way to stop the judging, suppression, labeling, arguing, segregating, fighting, inequality, bullying, abuse etc. is to return to love.  With this said, aggressive feminists and aggressive patriarchal controller role players, it is time to stand equally, eye to eye, heart to heart. The game is over.

Take a look within your sacred heart and see the truth. The patriarchal game pulled you deceivingly into manipulation and veiled you into the lies of separation. This is no longer acceptable. It is time for all souls as divine feminine and divine masculine to live from their sacred hearts, take back their power, and claim their sovereignty, to create change in love, in UNITY.

We are one, we always have been and always will be.

In Divine Love & Grace,
Keleena Malnar


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