Sisters of Rose Priestess Initiation Retreat Nov. 16-18

Join Keleena Malnar; Sacred Heart Ascension and Claire Stone; Ancient Wisdom Modern Woman in this collaboration retreat to delve deep into the secret teachings of the sacred feminine.

On this luxury three day retreat, you will learn the history of the rose initiates, be lead in a powerful meditation to the Temples of the Rose, and receive purification through ancient Goddess rituals and ceremonies.

Light language activations will be performed for each individuals personal vibrational needs in the moment of now, to align you with your new vibration activating you at a cellular level. These activations and initiations awaken the goddess within you to take back your power and reclaim the divine magic that has been suppressed in you for thousands of years. Open floor to speak and reflect, initiations and ceremonies will be performed.

This Event includes:

2 nights 5* luxury accommodation at Northridge Hall, meals and workshops.

🌹 History of the Lemurian Sisterhood of the Rose.

🌹 Discover the 12 temples and Goddess archetypes of the Rose.

🌹 Your soul signature temple.

🌹 Sacred meditations

🌹 Energy clearance

🌹 Energy activations

🌹 Light Language Key code activations

🌹 Truth & Love ceremony

🌹 Transmission from Divine Feminine Sacred Mothers

🌹 Transmissions from Archangel Muriel the current energy carrier of the Aquarian Sacred                    Feminine.

Shamanic Cacao ceremony to clear and open your heart.

Cost:  £444 UK Sterling – Installments are available if needed please message directly. To go ahead and book please message us so we may discuss any dietary requirements etc.

The accommodation:

“Northridge Hall recalls days when staff appeared at the ring of a bell. It’s a grand Yorkshire manor house set in half an acre of rolling Yorkshire parklands. This is a place to get together with friends and family and party the weekend away in the lap of luxury or in the warm embrace of the bubbling hot tubs.

This is elevated living: ceilings are high, décor is grand, original features abound. There’s a big dose of culture, too, in the wall art, a collaboration with sponsored students from Cheltenham University’s Fine Art department. Donated pieces bring rooms to life with their vivid colour and creative flair.

There are fun and games to be had in the stable. Take on your peers at ping-pong or table football, but take a towel because the two seven-seat hot tubs are too good to resist. Break out a bottle and put the world to rights awhile. Dry off and head to the drawing room or log-lit snug for some big-screen movies.”

Images of this amazing venue are on

Where We Are
Just 20 minutes from Leeds city centre
5-minute walk to an excellent village pub, The Chequers
Nearest train station: Micklefield
Nearest airports: Manchester, Leeds and Bradford
Taxis available
Parking for 10+ cars
Ledsham | Leeds | LS25 5LT

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the event.

We are calling out to our sisters to claim their divinity and become priestesses of “The Sisters of the Rose.” Your mission and journey awaits you.

The Hosts!

Keleena Malnar, Sacred Heart Ascension represents the Divine Feminine Goddess with her core mission to move all souls from fear to love, to live from their Sacred Hearts in Divine Love.  Part of her mission is to assist the divine feminine to reconnect to their authentic goddess self.

She is a quantum energy healer and trance-medium multi-versed in all light languages to activate you through your DNA at a cellular level. Keleena has been awake since a child.  In summer 2014 Keleena was gifted in meditation a rose which brought forth memories of her participation in the Sisters of the Rose, activating her to continue initiating her sisters through light language key code activations, healing & purification ceremonies, and more to continue the legacy in becoming priestesses for the Sisters of the Rose. Her client list is global with many sisters in the UK.

Keleena has been interviewed in USA & Canada.  To learn more about her, go to her website to read testimonials and to experience Keleena’s light language activations visit her YouTube: Keleena Malnar or Facebook: Keleena Malnar, or Keleena Malnar- Sacred Heart Ascension page on Facebook.

Claire Stone, ‘Ask the Expert’ writer for Spirit & Destiny Magazine has been hosting empowering women’s retreats and spiritual workshops since 2001.

Born psychic she has spent her life spreading the word of the Angelic kingdom, healing clients and offering sacred shamanic ceremonies with the vision of empowering others to realign with their personal gifts and soul path.

When Claire remembered her spirit she also remembered her past lives which included many times spent in Lemuria and Atlantis; The Sisterhood of the Rose has brought Claire and Keleena together since it all began.  Archeai Muriel has been transmitting many of the exercises in this event to Claire to realign the women with the Aquarian Aquamarine ray of the sacred feminine of the new Golden Age.

Claire has been on TV and radio in the UK and Australia and featured in many magazine interviews.

It is time to rise into the Divine Feminine Goddess you are.

We are calling out to our sisters to claim their divinity and become priestesses of “The Sisters of the Rose.” Your mission and journey awaits you.

To Make Payment and secure your accommodations at the retreat, please use Paypal. 

PAYPAL DIRECTIONS:   In Paypal type in this account:

Using the family/friends option please, send £444.00.  

Your paypal receipt is your ticket.


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  1. I was asking spirit to bring me home in November and I live and work as a psychic -Medium in Salem Massachusetts USA, but I have been called to come back to the UK as I am remember lemuria and Atlantis and avalon. This is exactly what I need!!! I will be there !!
    Love and light

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