Do you choose the Matrix or Truth?

That in which is being revealed to be written, is what many of you are experiencing right now and through my own recent experience to learn and teach, teach and learn.

There has been an influx of negative energy lately from the unawaken ones, those whom have not yet chosen the red pill as Neo has in the movie the Matrix.  Here is what we have to say, not in hopes that it will awaken you from reading this article however, to have you take that good look in the mirror and finally ask, “Who am I and why am I here.”

Here is what we have to say to the ones who choose the blue pill and remain asleep.  Your misconceptions and unkind words and energy towards us of what our reality is, is the truth that has been revealed through our awakening, our choice to take the red pill. In our truth, your behavior towards us is only the perceptions of your own reality as you still choose to live in the patriarchal controlled matrix.

Your choice to live the 8 to 5 around the clock life to make money to live everyday so habitually, that your brain no longer needs to tell your body what to do.  You are a zombie.  You wake, you shower, you eat, you live on caffeine like a car needs gas, then you numb yourself with alcohol or drugs in the evening knowing you have to get up and do it all over again.  You no longer think for yourself.  You remain in a world that chooses to experience the old habits of control.  It controls your everyday life so that you may be so consumed in the matrix reality of consumerism and paying taxes (paying the rich), putting your money in a bank (paying the rich),  giving your money to the church (paying the rich) we can go on however, not necessary you may see our point.  In this matrix, you choose to make your money and you give it all away.

You are left to live in a world of false identity inflated programmed ego influenced by the dark elite.  The same ones you give all your money to. You choose to call those of us awakened living in our truth names and make fun of our “flowery word usage”, because we choose to live in simplicity. Your inflated ego looks down upon us as you flaunt your lifestyle, are so proud that you have a television in every room, live in the matrix program that a house, two cars, two kids and a dog is the dream.  Every day you go back to your 8 to 5 job, and then come home, habitually turn on the news, the matrix controlled media that fills your head with negative illusions taking place on earth.

What the government allows you to see on your news is the matrix game continuing, as the politicians move the used military humans that are only a number to them.  You see the military men and women utilized as pawns on their ill-minded chess board game.  Who will win this time?  Who will become the savior? Who will be the big dog in this set up fake war for greed to be the supplier of resources in the end and all to make money, not create freedom?

You claim we are absurd for speaking out against chemtrails (chemical trails) in the sky and say it is only jet fuel.  Did you see those when you were a child (anyone born before 1987).  This is only one of the thousands of reasons many humans are ill.  The created illnesses through chemical ingesting, injections or breath  you are continually fighting and believe your only way to good health is in a created pill.  Did you ever think to look at the poisons in your food, water, dental products, the chemicals the government allows in the foods, sprayed on for larger growth, and bigger faster crops, greed… did you?  Do you ever really think… or do you just live from your programmed false identity ego, where everything is comfortable, this is just the way it is and little you believes you do not have the power to change it.

You claim your way of life is better and that you are better than others are.  Better because you have more, your house is bigger, your wallet fatter, your job/career gives you an ego title to wear like a badge of armor, you use bigger words defined and classified by you as a better education, and that your way is the right way and the only way… because that is just how it is.  Your demeaning words about how we choose to teach our children the truth about matrix controlled schools, textbooks, and guidelines that keep them in a zombie world of conformity, only keeps your children in the matrix cycle of corporate greed.

You laugh at us when we meditate on mother earth as we sit silencing the illusion around us and within.  You say that what we do is crazy or only a phase as we speak of our ascension or awakening.  Your programmed ego calls us freaks, hippies, peace weirdos and so on, as you yourself have not taken the time to sit in stillness of the mind as you swim in your own created delusional fear of what we do.  You are trapped in the illusion that “noise is good”, when we know… silence is best.

Your choice in using your time to watch us, over analyze our way of life as awakened loving individuals, call us names, demean our forms of work, laugh at us whilst you look the other way about what is truly going on around you is your choice because you choose to participate in the illusion.  You live in the comfort of the programmed ego afraid to take that step to see our truth.  You lash out projecting your own anger, jealousy, and fear at us.  Fear that if you do take that red pill, your world will never be the same.

Here is what we have to say to you.  We chose to take the red pill because we have courage and strength to see the truth. We choose to live in our world of freedom in this truth as god loving awakened spiritual beings, the true authentic spirit beings that we are.  We know that freedom is not living behind walls, boundaries and borders built by military in matrix game.  In our knowing all individuals are god/goddess, spirit within the physical body and that freedom is the freedom to know thy true self.  We choose not to call you names or demean you as we too have been part of the matrix-cycled wheel of life and are waiting for you, our brothers and sisters, to wake up, remove yourself from that wheel to find your freedom.

We send you love from our open hearts, as we know it is not up to us to wake you.  We choose to utilize our abilities as Healers, Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Intuitives, Spiritual teachers, Artists, Writers, Psychics, Mediums, Shamans, Channelers, Astrologers, Organic gardeners, Natural doctors, Carpenters and so on, as we know these are the true jobs of creation to build foundations to live together in harmony.  We choose simplicity in our life style, as we know we are not able to take anything with us when we leave here and the accumulation of unnecessary material things serves us no purpose.  We love our flowery words of truth, knowing our words spoken in love lift ones vibrations, rather than knock them down.  Our organic lifestyle with the foods we eat, products we use and create ourselves are purity for the cleansed human body.  We choose to lie upon mother earth, hug her trees and swim in the waters, knowing she cleanses and heals us, as we give love back to her for we understand we are a part of her.  We live our lives knowing that the past is the past and it is up to us not to repeat the old behaviors and patterns of the patriarchal controlled society.  We live in each moment loving every minute of beauty in the existence around us supplied by our mother earth.  We choose to stare at the stars knowing we are from there, talk to the animals, and utilize crystals wearing them for healing rather than prestige.  We choose to live on our time, a time of created space to do what we need so that we may enjoy the sun, the earth, our children, the moon and our gift of life upon this planet.  We choose not to drown our emotions in alcohol and prescriptions drugs, as we know they only keep you sleeping and part of the matrix game.  We choose happiness from seeing the little things in life like deer’s grazing in our backyard, baby animals playing or hummingbird’s beauty as they feed in our overgrown wild gardens.

In our loving hearts, we choose to teach our children the truth, not to live in programmed fear.  We explain to them that what is in school textbooks is what the controlled matrix wants to limit and program you to know, to live in their conformed society.  We teach them to quiet the mind and allow the silence to bring their truth within.  We choose to encourage their beliefs from visions and their own knowing, that unicorns, mermaids, and fairies are real in other worldly dimensions, as there are many dimensions and which we are all a part of.  We guide our children when they see them, see the angels, and other beings of light, that they are real and that they are not imaginary friends.  We choose to teach our children that love is the most important part of life and that if we lose the knowing of that along the way, they too will fall into the trap of the matrix material world.  We choose to teach them to be aware that there are those out there that will try to persuade them, that they must be better than all others to get ahead in this world.  That these persons will try to program them that if they are the best in all they do, they will be on top, number one, king of the hill, creating the inflated false identity ego that they themselves exist in.  We choose to teach our children that they are special in their own way, with their own god/goddess creator abilities they have been born with.  We encourage our children to play on mother earth and explore all the beauty that she has given us from the land to the animals, waters, rocks, crystals, natural foods, trees, sky and so on.  We teach our children to not allow others to take away their dreams, to follow their passion and that anything you wish to create is possible if you just believe.  Moreover, we choose to teach our children to see that they have all the answers they seek, within their intuitive magical big hearts.

You may laugh and poke fun at the way we speak live and love, as we know you are only projecting yourself currently as an unawaken human.  We understand your projections will only bounce off us and back at you to wake up.  We understand that the perceptions of your reality are not ours as we have taken the journey down and through the rabbit hole, and that for us has revealed the truth.  We are awake and we are not ashamed to be our authentic self as you criticize and judge us, for we know that only keeps humans trapped in their false identity inflated ego that make you feel good about yourself.  Our ways may not reflect that which you want to see, as it is not your truth yet.  However, we choose not to be part of your matrix world anymore.  We choose to create our world, as we know we have the abilities to, you choose to live in a world created for you.  We choose freedom and freedom starts within.  It is our choice to live our way as we do and you, yours.  It is our choice to teach the children the truth, as they are the future of this planet.  We have surrendered our ego self, to re-discover our authentic self.  In this surrender, we awakened fully to our souls abilities that we have always had, that were covered by layers of programmed matrix influence.  We choose to live our lives in our newly found freedom that no longer binds us to the patriarchal controlled matrix.  We know that some of you may not wake in this lifetime and that the matrix is your truth therefore, we will not judge you.  In our truth, we know that peace comes in the knowing, that love is the only thing that is real.

We pray that one day you awaken to find the divinity within yourself, to live in the freedom where only love exists.

In Divine Love & Grace

Keleena Malnar
Ascension Guide & Quantum Energy Healer

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