Hand of God… April 27, 2018

HAND OF GOD… here I am blessed again to share with you a recent photo I captured off my balcony this past Friday April 27, 2018. The signs of universal love are continuing to unfold.

The skies had been filled with chem-trail cloud cover as I decided to sit with full intent to call in assistance to remove the chemicals from the skies, as not to disrupt human lives and their health, as well as Mother Earths. Yes, we have the power to do this! With collective consciousness... all of you participating with this, your own divine will and clear intentions… together we change the world.

As I sat looking at the skies repeating light language and prayer I saw an open hand reaching toward the sun that came out of no where. Jumping up and grabbing my phone I was able to take 2 pictures.  (Note the shadow of the hand and arm below the hand, I just noticed as I am posting!)  Then I felt the overwhelming feel of love and deep gratitude from above as source/god once again divinely created this for me to share with you.  Do you believe?

There is more here than the human eyes can see therefore, those that do not, I wish and pray this wakes you to the truth.

You are deeply loved.

In Divine Love & Grace

©2018 Keleena Malnar, All Rights Reserved

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~There are no touch ups or filters on this photo taken on Samsung galaxy S6~

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