Spring Equinox 2018… the Alchemical Change

On this present day of March 20 your year 2018, we see for your Vernal or Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere many changes taking place.

The spring equinox is a beautiful day of gatherings in many places of the world that celebrate the time of year as the resurrection, the birth of many things including the abundance of springs beauty that mother earth brings.   It is also the time to celebrate fertility with the goddess Ostara as seen fit every year and the rebirth of Christ is celebrated in many spiritual beliefs and religions.  However, we bring to you a change in this rebirth/renewal as this marks another phase in the beginning of another transformative cycle and rebirth within you.

Mother earth is going through constant changes and shifts within her cycle that is generated year after year, millennia after millennia.  It is not new.  She knows exactly what to do to cleanse herself in each dynasty of the negative vibrations and energies upon her planet to clear her consciousness from that which humanity has placed upon her.  Whilst the changes are imminent in her, they are also imminent in you.

It is the time of the great ascension, the grand shift, or what the newbies call the event.  This is a time of change within each one of you.   Therefore, let us speak further of the changes that come forth with this spring equinox.

To explain in simplicity this incredible time that is happening upon your planet is remarkably changing and upgrading the DNA structures within you.   These upgrades will provide a new stream of knowing as they connect you to that, which has been dormant for quite a while.   Some may begin to wake to memories of past lives surfacing for more purging.    Please know this is only to let go or relinquish the old energies or patterns pertaining to that period to create room for new.  Your body is in a state of what we may refer to as purification or filtering out the old that is no longer needed.  You may say, “Spring cleaning”.

As the waves of universal love energies stream from the galaxy into the great central sun and through your sun, they then release upon the planet.   You will notice if you have not already, the change in your suns color and the shape as it releases the energies.  Some are able to see the flicker of light as it releases photon elements, waves of energetic light  and transformational codes into your field.   You  will then embody them through absorption of the light codes that will adjust the frequencies of your being, enhance your DNA and restore some functions/abilities you may not have awakened to just yet.

This spring 2018 is a pivotal point in the planetary ascension process.  Last summer with the solar eclipse we saw the mark of change upon the planet, in your solar (sol/ soul) sun and within you.  Each person was touched to awaken or be enlightened but not all choose to move forward in their progress just yet.

Through the next 12-15 days, the energies will remain high as the structures change.  Some days will be stronger than others, with the shifting you will experience within the body. Many of you will feel exhausted, headaches, lethargy, dehydrated, tremble, energy fluctuation and so on.  Please drink clean pure water, meditate, eat clean light foods, get in nature and touch her healing energies with your hands or bare feet, rest and rejuvenate as you allow these energies to enter into your system for your next phase of transformation.

The 9th golden chakra is beginning its spin cycle for those of you not yet connected to it.  The golden light frequency is being seen by many at this time in visions as we ascend into the golden era.

The elemental kingdom connected to your animals has already adjusted their frequencies upon earth.  Watch the spring births of baby animals; listen to the birds sing louder in beautiful tones, the return of gentleness has begun.  Respect and love them… for each one has a soul and a purpose just as humans do.

Compassion is key to this part of the process and for those struggling with compassion for all individuals no matter what you think of them, you will be pushed within to remember that each individual being is only a piece of you.   You are all part of the one soul of Mother and Father God.  Therefore, this spring, change your representation of how you conduct yourself and start treating all your brothers and sisters upon the planet in this way.  Rebirth yourself into the authentic god self that you are as the golden and magenta energies continue impacting this planet.  Have compassion for each soul as they only play a role for you to see what you need to change within yourself and vice versa.

If you wish to have love, be love.  If you wish to see love, display love.  If you wish all to be kind, be kind.  If you wish no harm upon anyone, show no harm.  Be and create that which you wish to see and ascend into as well as all humanity.  This… is consciousness change by action in love.  This is what the spring energies bring.  Will you absorb the waves of love and remain in them or will you go back to your daily lives of hustle and bustle busy-ness of the 3D earthly ways.  It is your free choice to awaken and ascend into your authentic self… what do you choose.

I am Love, I am Light, I am Lady Nada
Keleena, Magdalena
Channeled March 20, 2018

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In the next section of this article, I am sharing with you my visions for spring 2018.  As a sun gazer, I have watched the sun change in not only shape but also color.  The past few weeks I have watched it present itself as a deep golden color as the magenta expands outside of it, then transforming to a turquoise/indigo blue.  If you catch my live videos or YouTube videos, I have discussed how I am beginning to see turquoise or blue after the magenta.   Here is the fun part in my light bulb moment I realized the blue is the representation of our blueprint in the 9th golden chakra.  It is where our soul blueprint and our abilities from each life are stored, our Christ abilities.  In my knowing the ancient souls may choose to utilize all of them in abundance (as I have chosen), whilst others choose to utilize one, two or three.  Newer souls may not have as many abilities as they have not lived as many lives.  Regardless, each person is just as special as the next and a piece to the puzzle.

I have also synchronistically been shown gold everywhere I go the past few weeks in photos, billboards, gold is in all the paintings I am working on this year and even as I mentioned in my last live video, the phi symbol creating itself on my shower wall with one of my long hairs.  Spirit is always asking me to pay attention in all ways. (Giggles)  Phi is the golden ration of divine proportion, the golden mean.  So there we go again… Gold.  Is this the advancement of the alchemical process and DNA reconstruct within you and the golden era of this dynasty?

Another representation of the alchemical transformation I am being shown is with my twin flames clients.  Together they are connecting in the higher spiritual chakras.  If you have not seen this yet as posted on my instagram and facebook page, I have been guided to finish my sacred union painting as of March 17.  This to me is the union of not only the energies of sacred love in our physical life but the transformation of this love and  expanding it to universal love.   Meaning the unconditional love  you share with your sacred partner is meant to be shared with all.   That is the love of ONE.

Over the past two weeks, I have received repeatedly visions of my own self being lifted and supported by the divine masculine.  Therefore, I feel the goddess is being supported to take the lead in this transformative time.  Those embodying the goddess divine feminine energy are in support to move forward to continue this ascension process standing in their divine power (your hearts knowing).  We are being asked at this time to lead together in pure love for humanity and mother earth as the masculine support us.

Also visiting lately, is my lovely friend Saint Germaine the alchemist.  He himself was able to utilize his abilities to change lead into gold with alchemy/magic or is it his Christ abilities and that 9th chakra (wink).  Is humanity in a period now awakening to alchemy within them?  I feel yes!

As we transcend into the creators that we are, we realize we have no limits.  We can do anything we set our minds to, as we are so very powerful and unlimited however, do not forget the spiritual (upper heaven) part of yourself must awaken and connect to the physical (earth) you.  The alchemical transformation within thyself is why you came.  To connect heaven to earth within you and walk upon this planet as the god/goddess Christ self you are in complete freedom, love and light.

May you be blessed in the highest love and light as you transform during this illuminated and beautiful spring 2018.

In Divine Love & Grace

Keleena Malnar
Ascension Guide all Paths
Quantum Energy Healer

Instagram:  keleenaloves
YouTube: Keleena Malnar

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