For why do thou not speak to thee
When thyself speaks of love so true
For thou turn your back in fear of thee
For this is not a quest to conquer you

Open thy eyes of thy heart and soul
Please see with them thy truth of thee
For we descended from the heavens
From the all… the ONE
This we speak in the holy truth of we

We seek thy souls to lift all up
From your self-created darkness within
For thou disconnected in thy physical form
When thou came to earth in original descend

A disconnect so painful too
Thou have lost the way of love
Selfless love… the only love
That connects all with all
And the ONE above

Our love of one eternally
Embedded within our souls
As we arrive to assist holy love in truth
To guide each one of you home

Thou are as we, we are as you
Yet we still connect as we represent
To assist thou in your reconnect
Of heaven and earth within

Please do not run hide or walk away
As we volunteered to assist your souls
In the journey to ONE this has begun
No turning back now… As above, so below

As thee speaks thy truth unto you
You shutter in self shame
Remember dearest darling loves
Your experiences were that
To balance all in between

All have lived thousands of lives
Imprisoned in a world of hold
A world of greed as all fall to their knees
Honoring darkness not from soul

Your beliefs that you are separate
We ask you to see the truth
The only separation you have created
Is separate self-consciousness
Does this ring true?

The focus on thyself shall end
When thou will see with an open heart
Thou shall return to universal love
As you were never separate… never apart

Universal consciousness connection
Allows you to live as we
To see thy big picture
That each soul on thy earth
A mirror reflection of you and me

We come in purity from thy only true love
Though shall never turn thy back to you
Please look in thy eyes
As we speak no lies
We have come as ONE love for you

Sons and daughters of god they name us
Children of the law of one
We live in harmony
Here to reconnect
Thy lower self to thy higher above

Light up the seven keys within
For it is time during this inner shift
Ascending in grace to your inner light
For the kingdom of heaven is within

We are the 144,000
Sons and daughters of god you see?
We came in universal love
Our eternal soul promise we keep
To return you to thy Law of One
To your god given rightful freedom

Hold thy hand my loves
Allow thee to guide you home
For here no one feeds
Off anger hate and greed
In truth, we live in love
As all souls will do again
As above… So below

In Divine Love & Grace

Quantum Energy Healer
Light Language Key Code Activation
Shifting to Authentic Self
Sound Healer through Vocal Tones
Chakra Clearing/Balancing

Assisting you from your inner dark… into your own divine light.

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