Awakening to Your Ascension~ Part 1

The ascension process that everyone is experiencing in different ways, either through your own higher self awakening reminders, heart catalytic awakenings, soul mates, twin flames, the beginning of synchronicities or dejavu and so on is the process to return you to love.   Pure love, the highest light and love vibration, the love you are a part of… our creator.  This process I refer to as the Sacred Heart Ascension that merges you into the union of your own Christ consciousness and god self.

Over the span of time as you lived many lives you separated yourself from the one true love our creator/source/god-goddess.  This happened through your agreement to come to earth being veiled to experience duality and polarity through many lives as you stepped into false identity ego roles.  Now however, it is in this time of ascension that you have agreed to return to free yourself from the false created ego and clear yourself of the karma you have created.   You are here to remove the templates, patterns, etc. that do not feed the soul.    You know… if it does not feed the soul, let it go?   This is exactly why you are here and as you free yourself you are also freeing Gaia as you change your consciousness reality (your thoughts to positive light and love) you shift Gaia’s consciousness as well.

Buckle up to those of you that have just begun awakening to your ascension process and for those of you that are further along you know quite well the struggle to leave your false identity ego to move to live from the sacred heart to return to love is not easy.   You will experience days of light love and joy and periods of darkness as your process unfolds.

I have had many conversations about this with the ascended masters, my personal guides as well and they themselves have admitted to their own journey and struggle to leave the ego and move to the sacred heart but this is what we are here to do.   I do want to remind you, it is your choice.

The first step in this process is self-love.  We as humans must return to completely and in our wholeness to love ourselves for whom we are… the spirit we are and this is a complete process of removing all layers of false identity to find your true authentic self.   It is the process of stripping yourself to the bare nakedness of the soul.  There will be no more outer layers of the untruth placed upon you by others or false truths you have placed upon yourself.

In this process, many persons will stand as a mirror to reach your innermost fears and reflect them back at you for all the reason to release these fears, as they only harm you and keep you in an old energetic patriarchal control system that cages you into a reality of false beliefs.   For example the false belief system, that all must grow up and learn at the same exact age.   That all must attend a corporate college for a paper degree that may never be utilized and you will spend many years paying our false patriarchal controlled banking systems back as they rape you of your hard earned wages.  That you should be married and bare children by a certain age bracket with a house, two cars a cat and dog.  These are just examples of the templates of old energy you are here to break.   What is wrong with learning a trade or skill as we did in the beginning and honoring each individual that chooses such?  What is wrong with being our true authentic self doing what we love whether it is a carpenter, farmer, healer, spiritual teacher or astrologer?  Why do we place shun on these persons…  I will tell you.  The buildup of false belief systems by the churches that segregate religions, by politics and dark politicians, by the simple color of our skin or our looks, classification status and all stemmed from one word… greed.  We were never meant to live for greed.  We came for love and now this is why you have returned during this ascension time upon earth.   You came to return to love.

No matter who you are, what you look like, how much  money you have or do not, religious or spiritual, what political side you stand with and so on … All will experience awakening to the truth and  will have to process this  through all your bodies.  The four includes the mental, emotional, physical and your spiritual body through your energetic chakra system.  Our energy system is inter-weaved and inter-designed with all our bodies with such deep vast structure within our system; not all can be discussed in one article.

In my visions two years ago, I have seen for the twin flames, the magnet to the sacral and root chakra as they experience a sexual magnetic pull for a time period to begin the cleansing process of those two lower chakras.  This opens many doors for them to begin clearing and for some the awakening of their kundalini however, many are confused why they experience the sexual dynamic and do not understand, this is to begin their process of clearing and aligning the lower three chakras to return to pure love.  By opening the flow of the lower three, it allows the flow of energy and light straight to the heart chakra.    Do not get me wrong, sexual intimacy is not the way you clear the energy system and the kundalini will not fully rise, as there are blockages present.

This part of the process of opening the lower chakras and purifying them is not an overnight task and applies to all persons no matter how you have been awakened.  For many this has taken years for the larger part of the process of purging fears, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that stem from the buildup of the belief systems of past and present life to clear from these lower chakras.   After you do clear them you will still go through triggers that may cause blockages throughout the rest of your life but you will learn how to acknowledge the blockages and clear them to continue the flow.

This is only a small part of ascension and you are not alone.  For those that took years to transition they were not aware there is help out there, nor did some understand fully what was happening to them as they faced what many will outright claim as a painful process.  There are those persons like myself that carry the ability to see past life issues that are presenting in your current life that need releasing.  In addition, the ability to see your chakra system, what is blocked energetically that causes physical ailments in the body, we know how to assist you in your clearing and healing of all bodies.   Personally, my work is in unity with highest benevolent shamans, healers, angels, light beings, the divine mother and so on that work through me with many different forms of healing as well as light language and sound healing.  This is my authentic self in my truth and I have nothing to hide for I know I am here working in unity to assist all souls in all stages of their ascension process no matter what path you are on, who or what you believe you are or have been.  All are equal.

There is so much more to this process… I will indulge more as we reveal steps to self love and the next stage in the process that you will experience in the next article.

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