Return of Goddess Sophia & Christ… Union for All Souls

The light of the Divine Goddess Sophia, the energy of the divine feminine has returned and now it is up to you to accept this light and love into your heart.

Sophia is Christ feminine energy… the energy the Magdalena’s have all carried within and the energy we ask for all of you to open your hearts to, to repair the imbalance that is within your human construct.

This imbalance caused by the domination of masculine energies upon the planet, implanted the patriarchal control system that is now currently up to us to remove.   It is time for all of you to accept the fact that we must live in balance of both the divine feminine and masculine energy to bring harmony upon our planet.

With the opening of all of the gateways in 2017, it has allowed the higher Christ consciousness Christos energy here upon the planet descending from the higher planes to touch all of your high hearts and envelop you with the pure unconditional love of oneness in complete balance.

In our soul’s highest vibration, we are the light of our universe in love.  As you walk in human form, we ask that you read this and open your hearts to the truth that the patriarchal greed system is ending.   When you understand that, you helped construct it and now in your hearts you lovingly will help remove it.

The lessons have been learned.  You now understand that politician’s control the wars and that they are created falsely for greed.  The systems to save you (banks, govt. insurance, churches etc.) are only to keep you in control of a belief system that does not work.  What better way to control the masses by having you believe they are helping when in fact they imprison your thoughts through manipulation and mind control rather than allowing you the freedom to connect to your own truth in your high heart.

Now is the time to reconnect with your own inner freedom from all of this in 2018 by allowing the Christos energies, Sophia and Christ into your hearts reconnecting you to your own Christ consciousness within.  The Union of the two energies in balance within you is the return of CHRIST!  You are the Christ you have been told is returning.  It happens within YOU!  We are all divine Christ energy and all of us represent both feminine and masculine within.

Understanding that you are source, that you are the likeness of god/goddess, you now understand that YOU are the twin reflection of source.  Magdalena and Jesus are the twin reflection of the energy in balance of the feminine and masculine of Christos (Christ) energy.  They are but one… as YOU are.

Open your hearts to your inner knowledge that union of the two energies within you is the return of the Christ within, in balance of both energies bringing harmony within self.  This is when you truly feel complete, whole, balanced and no longer seek union outside yourself with another.  Sacred Union happens within when you accept the Christos Sophia and Christ energy into your hearts.

Upon this acceptance, one will come into a harmonious state of blissful being of joy and love, and in divine perfect time, you will obtain union with another.

Please listen to this video created for all souls as the Divine Sophia worked through me to bring into you the light of love with the Christos  energies of both her, the Divine Sophia (Magdalena) and Christ to bring balance within you.

By you accepting the sacred union within, together in Unity, we are selflessly changing humanity with pure unconditional love.

Blessings for 2018!

All my love,


©2017-18 Keleena Malnar, All Rights Reserved

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