September 23, What is Happening?

On Sunday the 17, I was pushed by my lovely brother in England etherically and energetically to write this article.  His message… “Come on Keleena I need your help with this.”   However, when I brought this through I stepped back due to other overwhelming energies. I now realize those shifty energies were trying to hold me back from publishing a very important piece.  It is quite beneficial all read this and understand the powers you/we behold within that all will need to use in the upcoming days ahead.  This article and the video I am creating today need to reach as many lovely souls as possible!

In our lives, we are destined to be all that we can be when we live in our highest vibrations of love in our truth from spirit.   Freedom is our destiny our right and our goal.  As we ascend into our awareness understanding all that is, we become our own reality in our own universe and still remain one light, one love, one truth.

What is this truth you ask… the truth that knowing all that is, is within you and that you have the power to create your world in your highest light and love vibrations but at the same time create our world collectively.   It is the power of the mind that creates and created the world we see today.   Now it is our time to change it with the use of understanding our own energy in thought patterning and with the power of our light & love through our sacred hearts.

We came here to learn how to manipulate, maneuver, and manifest energy with our highest light in love with all good intentions.  We behold the power within to create the changes for the WORLD.  It is why you are here; it is why we must focus this change from our highest vibrations of love and light and we are the highest vibration of love as we are spirit, source soul, love energy.  We are the creators in light and it is now time to manifest your highest love and light vibrations in positive thought over the next few months, to create the changes as mother earth continues her shift to fifth dimensional freedom.  We have the power and the abilities to do this in unity.

All of us came to Earth answering the call for Gaia and have or are resurrecting in own light and stand ready in our truth and voice answering to no one but god/source/creator. Through ascension, our bodies are changing, as our cells are able to hold more light through the process allowing us to vibrate energetically at higher levels.   With this light, you are ready to warrior in your highest vibrations for the changes that need take place.  I ask you to focus please on the priorities that need to take place for our world, not the created illusions of drama occurring around you.

So how do we create this change with our inner light, how is this to be done?  By all of us in the spiritual community or any community no matter what path, you believe you are on pulling together in UNITY through group meditation or prayer.  You have the power to fully use your energetic light for the highest good for all of humanity focusing on that which we collectively need to change to create the best outcome.

These upcoming days and weeks are being deemed disastrous.  Many are claiming destruction just after the fall equinox on September 23.  These things only happen if too many souls consciously apply their negative thoughts there.  Let us together open the gateway of unconditional love by the use of our own energy through our cosmic heart connection.  Allow the powers of love through your heart and shine your brightest light with all good intention manifesting the change for a better outcome.  Use this for the weather issues we are currently facing, political or any negative energy that you wish to see change.  BELIEVE!  You have the power!

I have mentioned in my videos and articles the negative influences through controlled media and all social outlets.  How quickly they change your positive thought process forcing fear, panic negatively lowering your vibrations to match theirs if you give your power away and become what they are trying to create.  A systematic continual process of never ending negativity that you will remain caught up in if you choose to live in their third dimensional reality.  It is time to remove those negative templates of FEAR with issues of comets striking the earth, Nibiru causing mass destruction, the world being flooded and so on.  Stand in your power and be that rock you came to be.  You are no longer here to roll in flow with the control upon the planet.  You are here to break the chains that bind by walking away from their games.  Again, YOU have the power!

I was shown visually that one person in full positive light and focus has more power than several negative persons do.  Can you imagine when we band together building our light in love?   Oh, the changes we can manifest in this new reality creating our new earth.  We have the power within to take back control of our own destiny when we use our light the way it is intended.  We are creating freedom from the darker energies as we bring our light together in UNITY and in the process we are reconnecting heaven to earth through the rainbow ascension lighted bridge to our Freedom.

The reality of change is upon us now.  This is a test for your freedom.  Use your light in the highest love vibrations focusing and directing it toward the changes that will make the biggest impact.  No more weather chaos, destruction, war, famine etc. it is up to us to work together in LOVE.  Let us manifest a better outcome each time the negative agenda rises… collectively we will force the fall.

Love and light wins when all truly understand the unlimited power within themself!   Let us now come together more than ever in UNITY in our  highest love and light… it is time.

In Divine Love & Grace,

Keleena Malnar

Ascension & Twin Flame Guide
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Light Language Authentic Self Soul Shifter

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