Energy Reading… Are You Caught up in Drama?

Today spirit speaks on how we must remember to find the blessings in our current situations no matter what they are.  You may be just awakening, going through the dark night of the soul, finding yourself distanced in a love relationship etc. however; we must trust the process, your blueprint and always be grateful for the experience.

Kuthumi steps forth in focusing our energy on the positive in what we want, not negatively, on what we do not want to allow us to create our own universe in our highest love and light through our ascension process.  Mother Mary… expect a miracle with Sandalphons message gifts from god are coming. A special message from Isolt Undying eternal love for the Twin Souls comes forth.  Karmic relationships will be coming to an end.  Commitment is the power of love card that speaks in so many ways but my intuition says… Are you committed to your own soul’s journey without being caught up in the drama of others?  Listen and see what unfolds…

I love you!  ~Keleena
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