Atlanta Sacred Heart Ascension & Twin Flame Workshop

Join us–Keleena Malnar and Debbie DuBois, hosts of Vibrations of Love Radio–for this half-day retreat/workshop. Any of you who have listened to our radio show know there will be lots of love and laughter!

This intense workshop is for those of you in the Atlanta area (or those willing to travel in) who are ready to truly accelerate their ascension and/or twin flame path. During this time together, Keleena will receive many different sound and light code transmissions to shift all of the attendees at the event from many different universal connections. The codes received will be for the entire group in a collaborative shift for the moment of now for this particular event and to ready you for the solar eclipse that will be taking place on the 21st of August.

Keleena will also perform the Sacred Heart of Truth Annointing Ceremony, Twin Flame Couple Divine Union Ceremony and attune your crystal that you bring if you so wish. Quantum in nature, this gathering will deliver what each individual participant needs for their ascension and/or twin flame/sacred heart paths. Please note, however, to receive soul shifting to authentic path with light language is only performed in private sessions.

Group Q&A time will be offered if desired to explore concepts and issues the group is experiencing during these tumultuous times, which will lead to greater unity consciousness. Higher levels of perspective and information will be available through Source Connection by us both (and whoever else has something to contribute!) in order for all to gain clarity on current shared situations in that moment of NOW.

Please, join us if you would like to meet new friends in the Atlanta area as we are all on this ascension path of higher expansion, or if you would simply like to receive help navigating this crazy journey! Sign up now if this resonates with you!

Sat, August 19, 2017
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
Cost:  $55 per ticket

Link for Tickets below:

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