Akron Ohio Ascension & Twin Flame Workshop

Join us–Keleena Malnar and Debbie DuBois, for this Two-Day Ascension Retreat/ Workshop for all souls.  Any of you who have listened to our radio show Vibrations of Love know there will be lots of love, laughter, and healing energy!

This intense workshop is open to all paths that reside in the Ohio and surrounding states that wish to accelerate and understand the Ascension process. This includes those that seek guidance and understanding of the Twin Soul/Flame process as well.

Quantum in nature, this gathering will deliver what each individual participant needs for their ascension and/or their twin flame/sacred heart ascension path.

Debbie will share different concepts of the ascension process as she has been preparing her entire life for it. She also has a great understanding of the twin soul process. Her accumulation of experiences on her own journey has led her to find her true authentic self and develop skills, talents and abilities as a spiritual therapist who specializes in twin flame ascension. Debbie will tune into to higher guidance to bring forth soul guidance and answers to specific questions. She has a calming way of assisting the individual by offering up what they need to work on for the next step of their journey.

Keleena’s main purpose in this lifetime is to assist all souls in the Ascension Process with her energy healing and by teaching from her knowing, connection to source and experience of the process of moving from the Ego to live from the Sacred Heart in the masculine and feminine balance.  As a twin soul, Keleena is also here to assist the Twin Flames by bringing forth clarity in this field through her own experience and connections beyond the veil.

Keleena is an energy healer gifted with the ability to shift souls to their Authentic Self/Path speaking in multiple Light Languages.  She will receive sound and light code transmissions from different universal origins to shift all of the attendees at the event. The codes received will be for the entire group in a collaborative shift for this particular event and also to celebrate the November 4th Full Super Moon. She also plans to conduct a full moon ceremony Saturday evening for all attendees that wish to participate.

Keleena will perform many other ceremonies, meditations, anointing, energy healing and attune your favorite crystal if you wish.  These are all remembered and flow from her higher self and from memory as a high priestess and goddess in many lives.  Proper grounding, will also be performed.

If weather permits, we may be outside in nature as Keleena performs a connection to Mother Earth ceremony as we all bring Heaven to Earth.  Everything performed is for your highest good to assist you in your process.  Please note: to receive intense soul shifting to authentic path with light language is only performed in private sessions per individual.

Ice Breaker Introduction , Meditations and Q&A to explore concepts and issues the group is experiencing during these transformative highly energetic times and so much more. Higher perspective information will be available through Source Connection by both Debbie and Keleena in order for all present to gain clarity on current shared situations in that moment of NOW.

Please, join us Saturday November 4th, 1:00 – 8:00 PM EDT and Sunday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST if you would like to meet new and life long friends in the Ohio and surrounding areas as we are all on this ascension path of higher expansion, or if you would simply like to receive help navigating this ascension journey!  Sign up now if this resonates with you!

Only 30 seats available.  All tickets must be purchased in advance, please purchase tickets through link below:


We look forward to seeing you there!

Lots of Love…  ~Keleena 

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