Masculine Attachment to Mother Energy is Holding us Back

A final piece to freedom.  After three months of receiving the Lady Nada card in  my Ascended Masters deck, a conversation with a friend this morning with an oh my gosh moment and a quick download to confirm… there is break through.  The angels, Kuthumi and those of the highest benevolent councils confirmed it is time to write this piece regarding the attachment the divine masculine has to the mother energy.

The Lady Nada card representing the mother in this situation, presented itself for three months to me with the twin flame card and the freedom card however, the message was confusing for me at the time.  Looking back at my own experiences here with the masculine recently and reviewing all the masculine that have been or are in my life, I have realized the masculine have a deep attachment to the mother energy in their lives, but why?

The circumstance with every man is different playing out currently right now.  Many men are attached in karmic situations to wives as the mothers of their children, with a deep guilt that if they leave this person even though there may not be a true heart connection, they will fail in their marriage but not to the wife but to the mother energy she carries and to his children.   Another situation for example, the masculine may already be divorced but having no profound relationship with his biological mother.  The mother detached from him early in life (abandonment) however, he never got over this detachment by her. This situation causes difficulty in any relationship he may want to have in this current life, may it be with a lover, wife or even a daughter and he continually and unknowingly causes disruption by trying too hard in the relationship/s to keep this person in his life.   In some situations, the masculine attaches her to his side allowing her no freedom or even space to breathe.  One more example, the masculine may have experienced, as a child is his father leaving causing trauma (abandonment) therefore, the child becomes extremely attached to his mother.  He then wants to serve the feminine in any way he can to make her happy from elaborate purchases of material things, overly sexually wanting to please/perform or the opposite, no sexual intimacy at all and so on.  Many times the masculine confuses sex with love, as no role model was in his life displaying unconditional love to his mother.  The masculine does not know how deep nor how old the guilt he experiences is and where it stems from.  The current experiences are causing attachments to even their daughters and may cause issues for them with dating or even their marriages later in life.

These are deep-rooted fears that still reside in the masculine from past lives.  Lives that they have personally lived where the treatment of the divine feminine mother energy was demeaned, suppressed, abused by the masculine in dark energetic situations such as rape, physical abuse, sexual slavery, fertility slavery, and so much more.  In these past lives for the masculine in my vision this morning, had caused detachment by the feminine, in fear of the masculine.  This is why in this Aquarian age the Goddess has risen in her own power, stepping back into her sacred heart in forgiveness through ascension and with no attachment to the masculine, as we understand that we can still deeply unconditionally love without attachment in freedom.  Many of the divine feminine have recognized the past dark suppressed state of being that we have endured and have released all the fears, emotions, and the mental state of those experiences.  Many of us have cleared this from our bodies allowing this old energy to leave through the Lion’s gate portal at this time.  A majority of masculine however, still carry the energy of those dark times deep within their cell memories with guilt but they do not understand and if they have not cleared that deep piece from the roles played out in the past, the cycle of attachment to the mother energy continues.

The masculine carries guilt, shame, confusion, anger, fear of loss, and so many more emotions towards the mother energy but do not understand why.  This is causing the mentality of their state of mind currently be in a flux of confusion.  They are not to be able to see or know clearly, why they cannot step out of situations with their own mothers or those that carry the mother energy currently in their lives.

It is now time for the masculine to go deep within to remove the roots causing their confusion as to why they cannot detach from the feminine and still be in a loving state of being without guilt.   When these deep roots are removed and cleared from the physical, emotional and mental bodies, they will diminish as they leave through this Lion’s gate portal, there will be a huge shift in the divine masculine and divine feminine, clearing the consciousness of Mother Earth.

This is one of the most important and largest pieces in need of releasing by the masculine that Gaia has been patiently waiting for.   All of this is in alignment for the solar eclipse that is coming to reconnect both the divine masculine and divine feminine in purity of their love and light with the Christ consciousness gateway that will open in August.

We, the goddess, the divine feminine have worked tirelessly and unselfishly to shift Mother Earth raising the vibrations of love and assisting her to rise back into her pure light and love that has been under darkness, suppressed for too long.  Now we call upon our brothers and all those carrying the masculine energy with the highest respect and compassion for what you have gone through in the roles you have played, in this life and every life, to please face this battle within yourself.  Forgive yourself knowing the divine feminine and the mother loves you no matter what the outcome.   We the divine feminine are strong enough to stand on our own two feet in our highest vibrations of love and light as we wait for you to take this next step in your ascension process, not only for you but also for all humanity as we no longer serve self.

Balance brings peace…  As above, so below.  As within, so without.  It is time.

In Divine Love & Grace,

Keleena Malnar
Ascension & Twin Flame Guide/Energy Healer
Light Language Authentic Self Soul Shifter

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