Light Language to Activate Your Authentic Self and Life Purpose

On my own ascension process when I reached a highly energetic vibration of love and light, I connected to my own Christ consciousness and my god self  which resulted in my activation for my ability to speak light language.  Now, as I live from my sacred heart in full compassion, love and grace, and as a Multi-linguist in Light Language, I am here to teach, guide and assist souls in their ascension process for all paths connecting you to live from your sacred heart.  Along with the light languages I speak, I carry light codes from higher realms and galactic regions of many different origins.  This ability allows me to be able to activate codes in you to re-align you shifting your soul to your Authentic Self to live from your sacred heart and your true purpose while connecting you to your own inner strength, your divine will.

In my videos while speaking, I see and hear the light codes while also performing signing techniques that come through from the higher realms.  Many times I see waves of energy, hear tones and different colors but sometimes sacred geometry also reveals itself.  However, many times the codes come through so fast I only see bright colored flashes and beeps while I am speaking.  After watching my videos on YouTube, many of you contact me explaining that you begin to cry during my light language videos.  This is what I call soul recognition to where you are originally from being activated and whom you truly are.  This is only the beginning of what the light language opens for you.

Many times individuals are confused with what their divine purpose is as we are programmed from childhood by adults, teachers, media etc. to live our life a certain way or seek certain careers based on materialism.  This in turn controls your own divine will.   Your solar plexus chakra is the center of your divine will, your will power, and your life’s purpose.  For example, if you have given your power away by following what others have told you to do, how to live, what career path to take, how to love, you have given away your power.Light language automatically comes through in sessions as I see and connect you with significant past life aspects of yours that re-align you with your Authentic Self.   The solar plexus chakra, which is the center for our divine will, is what I scan on the body first.  I call this chakra our inner sun temple.  It is quite important for our energy systems to be in balance.  If one is off, our physical body feels the results as well as mental and emotional.  The light codes even though transferred through high heart also connect to the solar plexus to align your divine will and you to your highest potential through the solar plexus.  Your solar plexus drives your life purpose.  Therefore, when you align with the light codes you will begin your shift to your true authentic self for your ascension process to live in your highest love and light from your sacred heart.

After the codes activate in you, a process of purification begins deep within to remove all that no longer serves your highest good/purpose.  Some call this purging, releasing, cleansing of the bodies.  This is part of the clearing that must take place to be aligned and assists you to be in balance with your energy system.

I am personally a blue ray and a twin flame, which has assisted me with the understanding of the twin flame purpose in this lifetime and how to assist twins in their process of healing and shifting.  However, I am here to assist and shift all souls on all paths aligning you with light language codes specific only for you for your ascension process.

I am a clear and precise channel, healer through the light code activations, sound healer that also comes through my body, energy healer, medium, and psychic.   I am also an artist, poet and author.  Through spiritual ascension guidance and light language activations, I assist you with your own divine ascension through skype sessions, seminars, workshops and other services.  Please feel free to visit my website for more information or to book a session to activate your alignment to your true authentic self. 

In Divine Love & Grace Always,

Keleena Malnar


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