Ascension Progress, Awakening & Twin Flames

As I sit here today, I am motivated to write of the progress in ascension for the collective.  Before I go on, I want to confess that I have had advancement in my own ascension process.  As a speaker/guide in the twin flame 1111 ascension conference & workshop just recently, I meditated and asked for clarity before I arranged my flight to go.  What came to me is that a couple of us were heading in earlier than others and leaving later.  As I was clearly shown, we were coming forth to do massive clearing for the balancing of energies.  Debbie unknowingly flew in first to clear the Chicago O’Hare airport of its toxic heavy energies (thank you Debbie… we all should be grateful!) before my plane arrived hours later. I kindly revealed to her why she was there waiting for me for 7 hours after the fact. (Giggles) I myself had started clearing the building and the area all of us would be staying.  This is just part of what we do with our bodies.  Some of us chose to be able to transmute and transcend energies not only for persons but also for the land, the consciousness of earth and the environment around us.  Let me say, it was a tough couple of days for Debbie and I as we took this on and were last to leave.  In my knowing, I knew what we had to do to shift some of the energies before leaving and the clearings that had to take place in the city where we were working.  My body was exhausted but I undoubtedly saw my strength in my abilities.  I personally saw how unlimited we all are and I am with the healing energy that flows through me. The remembrance of initiations and ceremonies easily came forth and I performed them at the workshop such as the Twin Flame Union Ceremony that I remember performing in past lives with special oils, highest love energy and massive light.   I also performed with the assistance of 52 goddesses a powerful ceremony for the divine feminine to step into their goddess power.  This too I remember performing but all came through in light language and some English. These propelled me forward advancing me in my own ascension process, reminded me how I have truly surrendered, and stand in my complete wholeness and authentic self with no fear.  Most of you are still working on this and it will come when you are ready as your path unfolds.

As I have taken some time to receive the knowledge of what is happening right now I see where many are still just awakening and how it is affecting you.  All souls are on different levels… please no jealousy as that is ego and many of us have worked hard our entire life awakened while most of you chose to sleep.  What clearly is shown to me is that everyone is going through immense purification if you have not already.   This can be quite challenging but remember as you purify your mind body soul, you purify earths consciousness and begin to shift those around you.  Some of you will be the first in your group of friends or families to go through this and you will be the one that many come to seek for assistance. You may feel alone at times but trust that all are awakening and trust that those beyond the veil are ready to assist you at any given moment but you need to ask.

This process can bring forth some huge releases as you go through dark night of the soul (releasing the dark within from past lives to now) to push you to step forth in your light and highest vibration.  This is part of this amazing process of ascension so please hang in there as the outcome is so very worth it as you ascend into a higher love vibration, that you have not experienced as a human yet.

In my latest video, the message was and is clear… follow your heart.  This is a huge part of the process of ascending into your feminine sacred heart in your light and highest vibration.  Living in the dense field of human ego and earthly paradigms only keep you held back.  Many of you are experiencing specific issues for example receptivity, abundance flow, fear of finances… that is an energetic block in your field. You may bicker over money and fairness of money when in actuality if you have no block in this area, all things flow and you see the big picture.  All comes from the universe when you “chill out” and allow things to just be as it is already divinely planned.  Remember you have the ability to manifest what you need if you surrender to what is.

There will be love issues surfacing that you may not understand but remember every issue is connected to the past being brought forth to clear in this lifetime as you did not take care of it in previous lives.  This is purging the old, releasing whilst forgiving and it is necessary to move forward in your progress to make room for the new.  Many twin flames are still going through this part of the process intensely.  My word to you, do not give up and please continue your own purification. The twins farther advanced in this process have been coming together for a year now and will continue.  A big surge is coming but I cannot reveal this just yet and it is inevitable.

Your goal and all souls are to live from the sacred feminine heart in your highest vibration of love and light.  You will be living in freedom from your own ego self, from a place of unconditional love with the understanding that we are all free.  Our spirit arrives this way and will leave this way but while here, we must do our best to bring harmony & balance in freedom in love.  No one owns YOU and you own no one.  That is possessive and that stems from fear of loss of control of either love, partnership, being alone etc. (ego). Once again, this roots back to past life issues resurfacing and showing their pretty self for you to finally forgive, remove them and move forward in your process.

As one of the goddesses of love, I am a gentle soul aware of my mission assisting soul’s in the process of stepping into their sacred feminine heart during this ascension with loving help from beyond the veil.  I love all and everyone but one thing I have learned, is when there are many physical persons around I become overwhelmed.  If they are needy I feel attachment, I feel my freedom is being invaded as my energetic body fights the shift from those not on the same vibration.  It has been a challenge to see and feel this and I myself am working on it but also spirit has shown me that I must stay in my highest vibration for my work with the multiple light languages, sound healing and all the energy healing that runs through me.  I also must stay in my highest purity of the mind, body and soul and as we all ascend, you will do the same for whatever your path is.  In my knowing, I need to remain in that same resonance and I have found a handful of souls that I am capable to be around without feeling the tug on my energy field.   Remaining in balance within your own vortex is key.  You will see those around you that are not of the same resonance fall away as you continue your ascension.  I have learned this to share it with you as many will go through this and not understand.  I hope my sharing of my own experiences help.

Seeing so much the last two months from outside looking in at many situations it has shown me that many are still working on their own purification process whilst shifting to reach that higher level in love.  Some of you think you are there but I am shown otherwise, as I am lucky enough to work collectively with many from beyond the veil to assist but first things first, I trust my own knowing and see clearly what needs be adjusted for your process.  Do not take what I say as ego that I know more as I am only shown to help, serve, and assist for the bigger picture.  I came back for all and I will continue this journey knowing and living from my sacred feminine heart that each one of you will ascend in your own perfect time.  Ask yourself from your heart space while in a meditative state where you are at in your process and you will receive the truth.

So, where are we at collectively? The earth’s consciousness field is definitely changing as you continue changing your thoughts and actions in positive words, light and love.  Mother earth is stabilizing in a beautiful balance as she has purified within.  I also see the expansion of the fourth dimension consciousness in most of you.   Some with open hearts and some without as YOU keep closing them in fear (ego).  It is time to trust in the process, the plan you created before you came.  Surrender to the knowing that all is taken care of, as you are your own sovereign being.   When you keep the heart open, living in love, you are living in the moment of your own human experience whilst ascending into the highest light and your divine feminine sacred heart and that is what counts.

I am grateful for all of you here and beyond.  I love you.

All my love,

Keleena Malnar
7.11. 2017

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