Twin Flame Ascension Reading through June 26th

This video was created on Sunday and I am now just being asked by my guides to release it through JUNE 26… shift in the ascension energy.

In this video Goddess Lady Nada appears through me for a special channeled message for twins.  You may notice my eyes change to blue at times.  For those of you that message me about this please remember we are multi-dimensional.  Goddess Bast (Independence) are you feeling Independent from your twin? King Solomon (Priorities) are you focusing on  your ascension?  AA Raquel (Relationship Harmony)  and the Tolerance card from the power of love deck. 

Many are feeling quite independent from their twin at the moment… some for that last few months and this is a huge leap in your ascension process, but do not think that your ascension is complete, as this is just another stage in this reality.  

Fear is still finding itself surfacing with every soul.  Take the time to acknowledge your fears and clear them as this will bring you closer to your ascension goals and union with your twin however it is planned to be.  TRUST… the process for it is already planned and there is nothing to worry about!  Walk away from the drama or stop creating it… for only you hold yourself back.

The new moon is here… set your new intentions in love.

In Divine Love & Grace

Ascension & Twin Flame Healer
Instagram:  keleenaloves

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