Mastering Ascension, Love and Tests of Strength

For a few months now, I have been in balance and peace holding space for humanity in love, while swimming in my own love for self.  It is quite a beautiful feeling of non-ending love when one goes through ascension tests that ultimately show you, that what you worked so hard for has finally arrived.  I am talking about unconditional love in service for humanity and the power of love for self.

This is a key component to the ascension process and it is only the beginning.  For a very long time as my friends will agree, I have been in full compassion for others.  Confronted by many souls still with huge old energy egos intentionally and non-intentionally that have tried to knock me down, friends/family have yelled/blamed me in their own misunderstanding of the process.  I have learned to use discernment, how to remove myself from distractions that try to pull me off my path, false love and the tests I have experienced have become shockproof.  I remain in balance and calm.

Deep within my soul as I have assisted many friends and clients through their ascension transformations, they have seen that I have been able to stand in my power, in compassion, in respect and love for my fellow brothers and sisters.  I use my experience and source knowledge as a teaching tool.  One of the things I teach is that we must remember to keep in our conscious is that all are in different places in their ascension process.  Therefore, we must have compassion and love for others, as they may lash out, blame you, try to manipulate or control situations.  The individuals whether it is lovers, soulmates, family, twin flames, co-workers etc., must see that many of us stand as only mirrors, reflecting back the work they must do to become their true loving self.

Therefore, I will explain.  In this state of compassion is when nothing harms us, as we see that the soul before us is transforming and expanding before our very eyes, and this can be a rough period for many as each test towards self-love and ascension can feel painful if they let it.  Each soul will experience emotions and different mental states during this process.  They will also feel the effects on the physical body when one is facing removing karmic ties, triggers and challenges within, to balance the ego with the sacred heart.  This is what holds humans back from moving forward during ascension and only we can remove them ourselves, when we face the fears of self, that many do not want to see.  All souls will go through this to resurrect humanity and to clear the earth’s consciousness, unless you choose to remain separate in selfishness from the collective work therefore, having to return to earth once again.

When we have mastered this deep compassion in our soul for all, is when we are also demonstrating unconditional love for them, as well as self.  As we are designed to send love back to others from our sacred heart, we also send love to ourselves.  What we give, we receive.  It is the endless cycle of love, which we are resurrecting within ourselves, for ourselves, as well as for humanity and the earths consciousness through this planetary ascension process.

The process of forgiving, being grateful and loving all souls with compassion and for all loving creatures on earth takes you into a deeper understanding of whom you truly are.  You are love and light and you are a child of the universe only here temporarily to do that which you planned in this lifetime.   You are awakening to your true self through the process and finding the veil that held back truth, a constant annoyance as you seek the answers to what is going on inside of you.

As I state in my videos, you planned your journey.  Your life here and every single soul you created a contract with to meet at some point for your experience.  Everything and I mean everything, is perfectly planned by you.  Therefore, the moment you think something is not fair or should not happen to you, stop that thought because you created your own blueprint.  Whatever it is, that is being revealed to you that you feel is not being fair, or you think you do not deserve, is a lesson you came to learn.  Are you being childish, selfish, unforgiving?  Think about it… we are here to love all and be in full acceptance of what is happening with ourselves as well as humanity.  We are here to learn and we are here to love unconditionally whilst living in our sacred hearts working in unity.

When you understand this is a systematic, day-by-day process, you will begin to acknowledge and accept all that is happening with and around you.  You begin to let down your walls, release your old behaviors, patterns, templates from your soul.  You begin to trust in the process and begin displaying compassion for other souls as well as yourself.  You realize that all you thought you knew you do not.  You apologize to self for all that you have put yourself through in compassion and love, as you did not know, that what you were doing in the veiled world, was not of love for others or your own soul and you begin to heal this piece of you.  This is part of reconnecting to your own Christ self.  This is when you begin your shift and the healing you are going through is healing mother earth as well.

There are many more steps through this process but one of the most important is the one where you begin to love yourself unconditionally.  When you begin finding whom you truly are, forgiving yourself, having compassion, gratitude and begin your healing you then will begin to love YOU.  The spirit you are within this dense third dimensional physical body.  This is the beginning of your enlightenment and you will reflect back to this point of your journey repeatedly through this ascension process as a reminder of why you are here… the big picture.  You are here to assist in the healing of humanity and earth as well as your own soul.

Skipping forward on my own journey, I have been in a space of complete peace, balance and love holding space for humanity that is experiencing this part of the process.  Passionately working daily with the healing energies from beyond the veil for the collective, I have been joyously creating love & healing and bringing them to earth, whilst I remain in my own love for self as well.  I am grateful for all of my gifts, abilities and the healing from those that work through me and I am graciously humbled.  I am also grateful to understand the multi-dimensional beings that we are, as it opens us up when we in courage, surrender to our own truth.  When we let go of control of what we think our life should be, our divine path opens before us.

Recently another test surfaced with another soul contract.  In this test, I once again experienced the old energy patriarchal male.  A narcissist wanting to have control over me, trying to suppress and hide me, (something I have dealt with in many lifetimes) but also saw that his own misperceptions of who I am were only a reflection of himself.   With this test, I saw many things to try to trigger me.  Mental and emotional abuse sent to me verbally, which I in turn stood in my power and as a mirror, reflected back while remaining in calm and balance.  I also saw once again that verbal communication is key… so, stop the messaging/texting and make a phone call.  It is that simple yet many run from communication… a behavior/fear that MUST be removed from the collective.

Having compassion for all souls no matter what they do, I could only send love back to this person.  I personally feel taking on the role of a narcissist to remove this template from the collective consciousness and heal earth is one of the hardest.

This test and experience in my blueprint, allowed me to see how much I truly and unconditionally love myself, as I will not relinquish my power to anyone.  It also revealed my pure unconditional love for humanity and reminded me to stay on track for the big picture.  What happened to him you wonder?  He ran when the reflection became too intense.  As I have stated before, these are the fighters just awakening and they will need our help substantially, if they ask for it.

Therefore, as you are going through the process and truly step into compassion for all souls and unconditional love for self, you will see that you only allow those in your life that will bring the same love vibration to you that you emit.  You will not be able to lower your vibration for anyone, as you have ascended to a level of freedom in love that cannot and will not go backwards.  Consequently, I am in deep gratitude towards him for the test and role he played in the blueprint to assist me in my process as well as his own, and I wish him a wonderful journey.

I am sincerely grateful that I have passed this quite quickly, as I saw everything as was revealed to me and I want you to know please, that each test becomes easier and easier.   In my sacred heart I know that I deserve only the best in pure unconditional love, from another compassionate soul, of the same loving vibration and caliber, and I as well as you, should settle… for nothing less.

In Divine Love & Grace,

Keleena Malnar

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