Karmic Relationships = Stagnant Lives

This is a very touchy subject for many at this very moment, as many of you are bouncing back and forth from living in your sacred heart and living in your ego mind as your ascension process continues.  You see, the ego as we have spoken of before, follows the created paradigms, rules of earth games and walls built blocking you from truth of your reality.  We remind you, ego in the physical body is for survival, not to control your emotions, spirituality or mentality… that is what your heart is for.

Again, this is part of the ascension process pushing you out of that little ego box you are living in to be set free into the truth of unconditional love.  A love so profound, which is found when you have removed each layer of the ego created by false rules of society on Earth.  A love buried deep under the layers inside your eternal sacred hearts flame, that you will rediscover when you can surrender to what truly is, by living fully in your sacred heart space.  It is a love that has no boundaries, it is all consuming, it allows you the freedom to love all and freedom to be with your one true love at the same time.

Many of you are in what is referred to as a “karmic” relationship.  These relationships are not for vengeance they are only to learn life lessons and to teach from unresolved issues of past lives.  They allow us to see what we want and do not want in our lives. We begin to see, feel and understand the polarity of the relationship as it connects with our past lives activating our neurotransmitters and cell memories subconsciously.  They create experiences we ask for and when we have fulfilled these experiences, the relationship seems to fade and eventually die off.

Unfortunately, many are in marriages in these relationships and are caught up in the old energy, religious rules, old patterns, templates and behaviors that were created to control us.  These rules were created to hold us back from whom we love, how we love, and control our minds that we are to love only one.  This causes many to choose to remain in these relationships in fear. Yes, fear of what others would say if you leave a relationship that is broken, embarrassment if you are in the public eye and are looked upon as a perfect couple, or a spiritual teacher.  Fear you will shame your family and self.  Fear that if you break the rules will you be punished.  Fear that you are breaking up a family or not keeping your promise.  So let us ask you, do you choose to remain in a karmic relationship that brings not truth to your heart and soul?  Do you lead by example for your children and stay in a marriage that is not full of unconditional love toward your significant other?  Do you choose to live unhappy, miserable, hiding your pain because you feel for some reason you must deserve this?  Do you feel your religion will persecute you for not keeping your vows?  This is all created Egoic ways and rules society has embedded in your belief system.  These are the old systems you are here to remove collectively from the earth’s consciousness, as well as your own souls.  This is an experience you chose in your blueprint to clear your karma and until you face your fear there is no moving forward in love, nor joy… the reasons you are here.  Your life remains stagnant.

How do we do that?  You may achieve this by simply releasing yourselves from these relationships to live fully in truth, from your sacred hearts in pure love, not false love.  Have gratitude for what the relationship brought to your current life experience and forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done as this will allow you the freedom to move forward.

We remind you that you only come here in spirit as love & light and will leave only as you came.  It is our FREE CHOICE to make the correct decisions for our soul to create this love within ourselves, to be able to give this love to another.  It is not fair to either individual to live in an environment that is not living in truth in love.  How can you truly live and give unconditional love if you have no compassion for yourself.  You must realize when it is time to step away.  You know what is the right thing to do from your heart, not your head.  You have the ability to change your blueprint with free choice by stepping up and creating a new timeline for yourself in love.  A love that does not hold you back from whom you are, why you are here and the love you came to experience.

Do not allow any negative words that one may project upon you to sway you, as you must make your own decisions.  Send love back to those individuals as they do not understand what you are going through and allow them their thoughts as they must awaken to their own truth and learn not to step into others business. (A karmic lesson as well).

Love is unending, fulfilling, unconditional, no rules… only love.  When we come here and fall into the trap of how many we are allowed to love or whom we can love, we fall into a controlled environment.  Remember, control is ego and ego lodges fear and beliefs inside that little box.  Step into your heart, your soul and remember who you are.  An energetic being of pure love and pure light, here to give and receive love in grace, humbleness and respect to one another.

It is time to break free from the love pawn you are being played as and step into your own freedom.  Use your free choice to step away from karmic relationships to fulfill your destiny in unconditional love, whilst creating a new consciousness in love for our Mother Earth as well.

Every soul contributes to the bigger picture when they choose to live from their hearts, choosing to live in love.

In divine love, truth & grace,

Keleena Malnar/Lady Nada
Ascension & Twin Flame Guide/Psychic Healer
Teacher/Soul Shifting into the Light in Love

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