As above, So below…Why Am I Not with my Twin?

The first thing you need to remember on the twin path is that you, like all other souls on this planet, are going through ascension and that is the key for all souls to focus on at this very moment.

So many 3D/4D earth issues are distracting you from your own ascension process that is taking place as we speak.  The codes of oneness (11, 111, 1111 etc.) are the codes of awakening, or referred to the codes of illumination in ancient Tibetan numerology.  These key codes are the codes of unconditional love that all souls are awakening not just twin flames.  It is also a sign when you see 11:11 that spirit is with you and guiding you at that very moment.

The last portal on November 11 was a significant one for all but more so for those that were highly attuned in their highest vibrations as they have focused on their ascension process.  Whilst others were and still are being shaken to the core to wake up, or for those already awake to move forward in the ascension process and this is, what most of you are experiencing at this very moment.

First and foremost, it is of uttermost importance for you to focus on your ascension process and your progression of leaving the ego mind to step into your sacred heart where we all are to be living.  Our hearts are our communication centers.  It is how we are designed to live from the heart, not the ego mind.  In the beginning of time, communication was all telepathic through the heart and this is resuming as we live in this very moment.  Many have not been able to practice this yet but I assure you that you will, when you are ready.

You are wondering what the point of ascension is.  Without it, you will not clear yourself of the density you carry within to be able to absorb and exude more light, as you are only love and light.  Your ascension process is key to shifting not only your own soul but humanity and the earth’s consciousness as well.  It is imperative that this mission be your focus first and if you are reading this please know that you answered Gaia’s call to come here and do this work.

Please do not be distracted with the drama of the illusions of earth and the drama that YOU create between yourself and your twin or soul mate for that matter.  When you fall into this space and place of ridiculous games, you do not focus on your ascension and you remain stagnant in a space of no forward movement.

You as an individual must focus on the letting go of the past, for the past is over and it no longer matters.  So, let go of the greedy wants, of control, of fear, of any negative emotions, mentalities etc. to clear your EGO stripping down all the layers that you or others placed there until you are bare-naked and only your soul exists.  You must not focus on the future either for when you do you waste your time worrying about something that may never occur.   Therefore, when you waste your time on the distractions of past or future, you do not take the time to savor living in the present moment of now.

So, why are you not with your twin?  Because you have not focused on your ascension process, which consists of clearing, purging, removing all that is no longer needed in your life nor your mental state of being.  Here is what happens when you do… those that have focused on their ascension clear themselves, step into wholeness, into their power, their truth and into focusing on living from their open sacred heart in unconditional love. You move yourself up into a higher vibration of love, a higher frequency and higher state of being, 4th dimensional to 5th dimensional as you progress and so on. In this process when you can achieve this you realize that only you make yourself completely happy, full of love and joy.  You realize that you do not need someone else to complete you or make you whole.  Only you can do this, nobody else.  When you achieve this level, where you are no longer “NEEDY” of someone in your life to make you happy or feel complete is when you can finally come together in a harmonious relationship with your twin or soulmate.  Therefore, for those of you missing someone in your life, it is only you missing your own connection of love to yourself.  Your self-love of your own true spirit that you uncover, when you go through the amazing process of unveiling all the layers to find your true self, your inner child, your spirit.

I wish to reiterate that we only come here in spirit as love and we leave these physical bodies as spirit… only in love.  So remember, the illusions, distractions, negativity that you may feel you are experiencing are only illusion of this world that you are here helping to change.

Turn your thoughts positive as it sends positive energy to mother earth’s consciousness and remember you receive back what you put out there, as life truly is conducted through the Universal Law of Attraction.  Together we stand changing the world with our powerful positive thoughts in love & light and no longer fall into the mind/media control that creates darkness.

I remind you now, as I have stated in my videos and teach this is a manifestation year in 2017.  Focus on your ascension process, as it is vital for your own soul’s growth.  Think positive and be very clear what it is that you need in your life.  Do not focus on what you do not want and you will see a huge shift in your life and the lives of those around you.

Love is the essence of our soul and the key to ascending yourself into your sacred heart and higher vibrations of love.  Believe in yourself, the magic is within you.  It is time to open your hearts fully in love, to love.

As Hermes Trismegustis always said, “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”.   Therefore, please understand we are never separate… ever.

All My Love in Truth & Grace,

Keleena Malnar
Ascension & Twin Flame Guide/Healer

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