Open Your Sacred Heart…

In the presence of one’s self, the light of love is the allowance and surrendering to your knowing that you are the alpha and omega, God.  Through your process of transformation in ascension, one is reconnecting themselves back to their own Christ consciousness by leaving the ego mind to live from your heart.  For too long human beings have disconnected themselves from their own Christ self by allowing their ego to take control of their life and forgetting we are beings of love.

This happens when one steps out of their heart and remains in the constant thought process of the ego mind.  The ego can become very powerful when one forgets they are a being of love connected to their heart and soul. When one disconnects from their sacred heart they also disconnect from their Christ consciousness.

The energies swirling in from  the universes are here to assist with this shift of returning humans back to their own awareness of self.  To who you truly are in the light of love by reconnecting the physical body, bridged through the etheric body to your Christ consciousness, also referred to as higher Christ self.

Do not get us wrong, you are dark as well but when you give into the ego rather than remaining in your heart is when it begins to thrive and you therefore disconnect.  The adventures you seek when you decided to embody upon planet earth are to gain experience in duality and polarity but one must remain centered and balanced in order to be able to remain connected to their higher Christ self.   In other words, not forget who you truly are.  Spirit.

Human life can truly be a challenge.  Every day we must deal with other earthly energies, persons on different vibrations and every day earth laws our spirit is not accustom to.  This may cause frustrations, bring you down, cause anxiety and illness if you allow it and it will throw you into a spin if you take on too much at once.  When this happens, remind yourself it is all an illusion.  When the frustration of everyday life begins to build, take the time to just be.  Step out of the ego and take time for your own sanity as well as those around.  Sit in nature, take a hike, meditate and reconnect with who you truly are inside this physical vessel.  Center and balance yourself.  Stay focused on the big picture and do not allow the distractions of the outside world to influence your state of being.  Focusing and remaining in a higher state of consciousness allows you your freedom of whom you are and keeps you connected to the one from which you came.  You will remain connected to your own Christ consciousness, your light of love and source. You are here for experience in a physical body, lessons, divine connections with others like yourself and it is all for love.

Remember you are part of all and everyone… so the next time you have a connection with someone you do not care for do not forget they are only a small part of you.  Take what you learn from this connection with gratitude as each encounter shows you a piece of your own self and brings an experience that teaches you in many ways.

It is time for all to open and return to your heart center and resurrect in the light of your own Christ consciousness.  Step out of the inflated false ego illusion self and slip back into your heart connecting to your Christ self/higher self, where you and all are to live in freedom, calm, peace and love.

We are waiting with open arms.

Blessed be my loves… in Divine Love & Grace.

Keleena Malnar/Lady Nada, Goddess of Love

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