Moving Forward from Karmic & Catalytic Relationships

In the highest sense of divine love, one seeks all that there is to experience in the highest joys in love and life.  Life is merely a reflection of what your soul already knows and love is the experience that brings you here for more, but why does one become so caught up in what the ego says must be in the perfect relationship in this illusionary world… rather than the truth of what is.

The journey you planned before you came is to rise in your own true light of love in your highest vibration.  To be with that one true love that feeds your soul… the one that matches your vibration endlessly, effortlessly and most of all truthfully in divine love and grace. The love of the one is a love that beholds no other.  For no other can or will match your/their vibration.  Each individual you have loved along the way has been an experience your soul has asked for and as you have risen in your own energetic vibration in growth you may have noticed those no longer of your vibration fall away.

As I have mentioned, all things are planned and no person that has been in your life has been a mistake, so be grateful and thank the karmic person or catalyst that arrived at the perfect time.   This person came along to assist you and give you that little push to have the paradigms fall away, while you begin to become your highest self.  Be grateful for the journey you have shared with them, as you have taught each other many things necessary for your own individual soul journeys.   Now it is time for you to move forward with your own divine plan (blueprint) to be with the one that calls to your soul.

Everyone deserves the one love that is the best for themselves. Everyone deserves the person that raises you in your highest vibration, standing equal to you in balance and allows you to be whom you are with no judgement, no criticism and no ego.

If you stand in an unhappy place with someone in your life, it is up to you to follow your inner knowing and do the right thing, for only YOU hold yourself back.  No earthly ego paradigms of perfectionism in relationships, family units, or how love should be by earth contracts, should hold you back from your truth, joy or happiness as true love stems from the heart, not the head.


We know that love is the purest and highest vibration of all that is and you are that love.  This love dwells within you.  No need to hide it from the world… step into whom you truly are.   Be authentic and remove those from your lives that no longer serve you to reach your highest potential in the purest vibrations of love.

It is your free choice to be happy in joy and love.  When you choose to move on to free your soul, you free the soul of the other involved and an entire new world of love, joy and happiness awaits you.

Blessed be my loves… in divine love & grace.

Keleena Malnar

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