Forgiving in the Twin Flame Transformation Process

When we forgive others, we also forgive ourselves. We cleanse our soul of any thoughts of the situation/s that would have stemmed from ego.  Forgiveness comes from the heart… the purification center for our soul. The space that we are to live from and we arrive there through this glorious ascension transformation.

In a loving relationship, we build trust with another soul but there are times when one breaks that trust by overstepping boundaries and by stepping into their ego.  They begin to lie, cheat, dishonor and disrespect the one to whom they gave their word.  In turn, this hurts the innocent one that has stayed true to their word in their heart.

In my own life, I give love unconditionally and unselfishly.  My work in this lifetime again is lifepath 7 of spiritual teacher arriving through the comet Amor for unconditional love.  To open and heal hearts by being the eyes for those whom cannot see issues within themselves.  This is my work also as a healer and recently I have had to use this on myself.

I saw the polar opposite of myself with someone I have opened my heart to and trusted.  I gave all my love to him but even though he said he opened his heart and asked me to let him love me, he did not give back that which I gave.  He took and wrote from the experiences I was having with him many times.  However, he never opened himself up intimately to me in conversation.  It was purely sacral chakra sexual desires to be together bringing us into oneness, in an extremely high vibration you can reach with no other.  His promise to call or skype for two years always fell through.  His life hidden behind what he claims he does in a relationship perfectly penned.  It truly is the struggle within one’s self when the ego still exists and how can one teach what they have not experienced?  I too write of my actual experiences to assist humanity but I write in my truth, in love.  When I learn, I teach by sharing it with you.  I write truth in my own words, from my own experiences as I live in love.

In a twin flame relationship, we are polar opposites here to balance many things within ourselves as well as on earth and the more we clear the closer we come together towards union.  This morning I had the lightbulb moment that clearly showed me I give too much.  He gave not enough.  The balance was lopsided constructing the whole, not the correct balance. If you claim to be authentic, you must be in truth.  You must write of your own experience, not what the other in the relationship is going through… once again polar opposites.  When one does not live by the words, they speak or write, they truly are not authentic nor are they leading by example.  When one is not in their truth, they are not in balance and they are not living in love from the heart.

The new divine masculine is still awakening and I wondered how awake he is as intimacy in conversation was non-existent. Many times in our relationship I would experience something that triggered something in me from his treatment or non treatment and want to share it however, this is when he would begin to step back.  Fear of what he may hear or what it may open him up to about himself.  I wonder no more as I finally tuned in to see with my own abilities the truth that I knew but that I also hid from for my heart.  When I saw third dimensional truth, I felt the stab in my heart and I immediately took myself up into a higher state of consciousness to remove the illusion of pain. That deep stab as I viewed him from above with another woman whether it is energetic or physical I still see.  This was the last time I would take this kind of treatment from him or any man upon this earth.   I stood in my goddess power from my heart, stayed centered and in balance and wrote the words he needed to hear in writing, as he never would communicate with me by phone (control & intimacy issues).  As the words were written, I saw how dishonest he was, how disrespectful, how I was lied to and how I felt used and betrayed.  I had to go within.

I have learned how to release triggers brought to me through relationships.  Each time it gets easier as we acknowledge the issues, accept them for what they show and teach us, and are grateful for them so that we may finally let them go.  We build strength within ourselves each time something like this happens.  We clear the patterns and behaviors from ourselves, that also may stem from past lives, so that we may move forward gracefully… in love.  As we do this, we remove the density from the earth’s consciousness as well.

This experience has also shown me that though my abilities may be very strong and I use them to assist others, I was not using them for myself.  I saw all his patterns and behaviors that he showed me over the past two years of how he comes on strong with perfect words, and then pull away in the rubber band affect, to go experience someone else.

As I saw the patterns, I knew what was to happen and I did not stand in my power and bring up the issue.  I waited, I kept giving love but I knew in my heart and then I tuned in and saw that my knowing was correct, and also that my vision was correct, I learned another lesson.  Trust my knowing and trust the strength of my vision as well.  You wonder how it was proven… I asked him.  Though he did not give me all the truth as I saw all, I pray he learns from me/us that he must change in his own behaviors and that the behaviors lie even deeper than what is on the surface.  For myself I learned once again to trust in myself but also I had to forgive myself for not stepping up and speaking out as the goddess I am with him.  I am very confident with everyone but him, and this I know now was from past karmic lives I experienced with him that I also recently released.  Another conversation he avoided with me as I can only assume his belief system is different. (As I said, he would/will not have intimate conversations with me.) I choose to go with my knowing, what I see through my third eye, in the highest consciousness of love in truth.

This is all part of the process to ascend and transform.  We show each other what we need to remove so in turn we move forward on this journey.  I pray that he and all souls stay out of ego when confronted, as many believe that it is not them.  I pray you go into your hearts to remove the behaviors, past patterns, karma and old beliefs that undoubtedly will move you forward on your journey.

This is a part of the journey that you may feel is difficult, but it does not have to be when you find that which must be removed, be grateful and in turn, the pain is set free.  Each trigger or issue revealed is smaller and easier to let go.   They will always come up but eventually as you ascend to the fifth dimension of truly living fully in unconditional love from the heart, it is then that you will no longer experience pain.  You will no longer use lower vibrational vocabulary, nor will you have reactions to what you are experiencing.  You will remain centered, in balance in this higher consciousness, release and move on.  You will live in your truest self, trusting all that you are and know, in unconditional love.

I have forgiven him for all he has done to me the last two years and I forgive myself.  I am also grateful for our relationship on earth this time and all the lives we have lived that trace all the way back to Atlantis and Egypt.  This has allowed for me releasing from all bodies emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and etheric so that I may move forward in my own transformation process as well as releasing his soul.

Love is the highest energetic vibration that brings joy to life and in our own wisdom, one learns that when we remain in our hearts… all things flow… in love.

All my love in grace,

Keleena Malnar

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