Twin Flames…Allow Your Path to Unfold

In the heart and soul, one is compelled to understand the need to want to give and receive love in its purest form.  This is our reason for being in this third dimensional physical body in all the different lifetimes we come.

We as beings of light come to understand the polar opposites and the affect it has on the soul but this is also, where we learn what we truly want in our hearts vs. what we do not want.  It is here that our wisdom comes forth accepting all that we are here to experience, that we are here to give and receive to and from one another.  This is also, where we meet many familiar souls along the way in recognition of our soul family.  Each of these souls may play an important role in our life awakening us to whom we are.  Many act as catalysts that assist us in clearing ourselves as we transform stepping into wholeness discovering our true self.

As we shift through our process of ascension, we find our path, our mission along the way.  For me I personally know I am here on the path of unconditional love of the goddess to open, heal hearts and bring heaven to earth with the spiritual work I do but I also have a twin soul/flame.  In acceptance of which I am, I also accepted who he is in this lifetime and all that he came to do which is, the same path but a somewhat different format.

As a very old soul I have been here lifetime after lifetime for the same goal and in this lifetime I was born on the life path number seven (7), the life path of the spiritual teacher.  It is why I am here with all six (6) clair senses, a healer, I am a channel to universal connection to all benevolent masters, angels, gods/goddesses, light beings and so forth, I am also an empath, speak light language, and am psychic and so on.  With all the abilities, I/we as one, I with the others beyond the veil, are able to bring forth all that I am able to do through my physical body to assist souls in unconditional love and raise the vibrations upon the planet bringing heaven to Earth.  This is only me being myself, in wholeness, in the true spirit that I am unselfishly for love.

The path of the twin is a transformation process to assist you in ascending faster as you both have work to do spiritually but also creatively.  Sometimes our work spiritually is nothing but going through the process to unconditional love and remaining in that fifth dimensional loving state while working a third dimensional job.  You chose this, as you are to bring the change into that Earth structure such as banking, corporate jobs, nursing, medicine etc.  You will be bringing in the “change” that needs to take place creating that, which needs to be accomplished for humanity and the future of our Earth and our children.  Therefore, your job as a twin is not always going to be a spiritual job per say, as you see it can be the light & love with the change you bring forth in your job but also in your home life.

Therefore, please relax as you let the process unfold in your life.  There is no need to run out and try to figure out what you are here to do.  It is within your knowing and when the time is right, you have cleared your karma and begun ascending that things will begin to fall into place.  Do not try to push the process forward faster as that will not happen.  Everything happens as YOU planned it before you came.  However, you are the only one that can hold yourself back by not allowing all that is to happen, happen.

You my fellow twins are here for unconditional love, to bring love into every situation you encounter in your life.  Please remember that you asked for all that you receive in this life.  Every experience, every lesson, everything you asked for is a lesson in love.  So thank the catalyst that helped push you forth, thank the family members that may have seemed dysfunctional, thank the child that shows you the innocence of unconditional love.  Every soul you meet along the way is meant to be in your life, for you to learn how to be or not to be, and shift you into the higher state of living in love.

When you truly realize that the twin process moves you into a higher state of awareness and live from unconditional love is when you are truly living from the heart, just as you live in sacred union beyond the veil.  No conditions, no expectations, you own no one and no one owns you.  Your spirit is free and in freedom, you exist eternally in love. 

All my love in grace,

Keleena Malnar

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