“Words” w/Kuthumi & Keleena in Unconditional Love

“Words” how they enrich our lives, don’t you agree?  We define our own words and they can be very powerful in how you choose to use them.  So, think wisely while creating what you wish to describe, write, convey in the most simplistic form.  With that said take what resonates from my “words” placed here on paper, described as an “article” and leave the rest behind.

Occasionally we step back, take a panoramic view of our lives and wonder what the heck are we doing?  We wonder why we have embodied on this earth plane, to take on the ever-changing chaos that is in constant motion everywhere and even within ourselves.  Yes, within your own cellular, organic, DNA structured body, full of neon flashing neuro-transmitters that we confuse with a string of Christmas lights if we have the gift of sight as a healer.  I write that last line as I place the song “blinded by the light” telepathically in Keleena’s mind.

What in the world, whose idea was this anyway to step into human form to interact with other humans releasing, creating, releasing, creating karma and all the drama that goes with it.  Well, not I said Kuthumi.  Although I walked the earth as many times, as you have, I surely did not come for that… nor did I?  Well, that is something to ponder on my own time.  Therefore, I will adorn you with my humor and highly vibrational presence.

Yes, I am Kuthumi of the second ray, the ray of love, wisdom and I add joy as I wear the golden robe with a turban but mind you, it is not my first choice of an outfit.  When I visit Keleena I more than likely will show up in a modern man’s attire with a rubber duck child’s swim preserver around my waist, as I am clearly assisting many of you, that feel as if you are sinking in this vast cosmic ocean of release, let go, release, let go.   So, do you choose to sink or swim?  Shall I offer my rubber duck full of knowledge so that your head may stay afloat above the water, or shall I let you tread a while listening to you ponder your choices to release something that does not serve you.  Wait, let me get comfortable in my easy chair, sit back behind my big movie screen here with my buddy Anubis and throw popcorn when you do not learn from your mistakes the first time.

Many of you are probably wondering who I am and as you well know by now Keleena works with benevolent angels, guides, goddesses and then… there is just little old me.  Well, many use the term “Ascended Master” but I prefer just Kuthumi. I have been labeled as Chohan of the second ray and other names I need not mention (watch it Thoth!).  I am equally at your side whenever you need me to step in when you ponder your daily spiritual evaluations of your “self”.   I have been a part of Keleena’s life for quite a long while during her awakening and ascension period, but to her I was not so funny, when every question she asked, I delivered only a piece to the puzzle.  I insisted she find her own knowledge within that tiny little pineal gland, in her pretty little head, that holds all the vast knowledge of the universe.  Just how does the human body squeeze all of that information in there? Well it is like your computer microchip you may compare it too but in human form, shaped like a black-eyed pea.  So back to Keleena, my work with her over the past years and past lives has been indescribable.  In this lifetime of hers, I have had the opportunity to push her buttons, wake her to her truth and guide her in her teaching of unconditional love, until she ran away from my presence seeking her own independence of me. (What a Goddess!)  All kidding aside, I stepped away from her as she was ready for her own work in creative expression and the teaching she is here to do while collaborating with those of past to create a beautiful heaven on earth at the same time.  Her hand always within mine (or maybe I was holding hers for the pure pleasure), had seized to exist after September 2015.  Her longing to explore the universe, find who she is and be free of me was an affair of the heart.  Well, not really but I did miss her unconditional love that she displayed even on the days she frustratingly wanted to slap my energetic presence off her balcony.  Remember, I would not give her the answers.

So where am I going with this article?  I am showing you that no matter who you are or why you are here, all will go through shifts, growth and expansions while you seek your answers on your own, in your truth in love.  It may be frustrating at times, but we are still in existence, some beyond the veil and some of us upon the earth.  The clearing, the letting go, the past life traumas do not hurt us unless we allow them to.  It is so very simple when one realizes and relates that we came to earth for lessons and experiences of duality, that built karmic situations and now you, with your return, are reducing them to nothing, but do not think for one moment that your experiences were not worth it, or too painful.  Each experience bled or embedded you may say, into the consciousness of our beautiful mother earth, that in return, allowed us to see that, which we do not wish for on our new earth.  Meaning, we experienced both dark and light, expanding our knowledge of the balance of the yin/yang for and from our own soul’s experiences, painful, as you may believe some have been, all are and were a great lesson in unconditional love.  A love that by any form when you live in this state of conciousness, you can never be harmed by anyone unless you step out of the flow of this love and allow the pain.  Let me simplify… when you live in unconditional love, you love everything and all with no judgement, expectations, placed conditions, rules and when you find someone you are on the same vibrational level with, you reciprocate your love in the same manner.  Therefore, what pain could possibly be caused in the heart when you both flow on the same vibration, with the same understanding, of what unconditional love is?

As I end this written piece I only wish to say… you may have seen my teachings, or heard channelings by others from me but I wish you to know this, though I am referred to as this hierarchy, Master, Chohan or Lord, we do not see it this way.  Some of you as clients of Keleena’s have experienced my presence when I show up in her sessions to assist you with focus and direction but here is what I wish you to know.  We are here always at your beckon call just beyond the veil, in loves pure joy, ready to assist you equally at your side.  We exist in joy, love, peace, harmony, balance and grace in an accumulation of our own self’s and with this, my own personality is that which you see in this article.  I have walked the earth.  I telepathically and visually come to Keleena when she yearns for me but mostly when there is work to do.  Okay, so she does not yearn for me but I still show up and check on her daily, as we are all working from our hearts collaboratively in oneness during this very time in the now.

We are asking you to see that we come in higher vibrations of love and joy, which is what you will experience in your wisdom, in your truth, when you shift your state of being to live in the fifth dimensional state of unconditional love in peace.

For now, I wish you all a year of higher transformation into the love you are, with deep understanding that love is simple, love is kind, love is joy, love is grace and love is the essence of your soul.  So I thank you my dearest Keleena, a clear and precise highly vibrational channel I come to, a warm hearted beautiful friend and past and present love, that continues to want to slap me when I sneak up behind her as she prepares for her shower.  All jokes aside, I love you dearly Keleena and we will continue this venture upon the earth in oneness, to teach and learn, learn and teach.  One more thing… be it wise is the individual that uses their created personality, to share information with all in a highly vibrational form to lift all in a state of joy.

By the way, Thoth if you are reading this, you owe me a whisky and cigar and brother Anubis is standing by to make sure you do not back out of your debt.  All my love brother.

Written in laughter, unconditional love, joy and tears of happiness.

All Our Love,

~Keleena Malnar/ Kuthumi Lal Singh

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