Truth in Love & Light Brings Transformation…Maria Magdalena

My beloveds, in the light of love, we stand in dignity, respect, grace and wisdom knowing that we are all here to ascend into the higher fifth dimension of light and unconditional love in unified consciousness.  From the fields of dreams in unity, all have accepted their calling on all different missions, to assist one another in love with no ego, no confrontations, no judgement and no borders built between one another.

We are all here to open our hearts and assist others to allow them to see for themselves for whom they truly are.  We are but that of only love and light.  In the shadows we reach for the light, we claim our own divinity, our true self, moving ourselves forward in our ascension transformation into the true reality, that only love exists and only love matters.

The fifth dimension of unconditional love awaits you my beloveds… what are you waiting for.  Rid yourself of your negative thoughts, your egoic tendencies and allow all that is to be … happen.  Allow the changes that are taking place inside of you.  Accept the changes taking place in all countries to show you the TRUTH. May you see that what you thought is good for you, was only false light trying to lead you away from what is truly here, and whom you truly are.

Do not get caught up in the political games through the warped media outlet that will be happening.  Do your homework dear ones.  Your media is controlled in the USA and some other countries by the warped minds of politicians and others that previously have held positions, and many other hidden power hungry dark ones that influence and twist the truth behind the scenes.  Miracles happen every day and where do you see media coverage on those?

Only those of us beyond the veil and those truly awakened see truth.  Many earth angels in political, corporate, banking and pharmaceutical positions are awaiting the bell to ring.  All in perfect time the truth will be unveiled to you dear ones.  You think you know all that is, but you have not seen the truth. However harsh you may feel the change may be is only because those of ill intent programmed you falsely.  Forget what you thought you knew and see what the truth is.  Feel it in your heart… the change is here and the dismantling process has begun.

The truth anchored to the earth in 2016 and now it will be shown to you in ways your ego will fight.  All the false laws, rules, contracts, governing institutions created for your “safety” will be dissolved.  These were nothing but a cover up to place chemicals in your foods, poisons on your crops, your waters and into your bodies to calcify your pineal and hide your own access to the truth that you have the right to know.  If your government was “protecting” you, how would these things be allowed?  Wake up my beloveds… the false lights are being diminished and only those of truth and love have the courage to show you the corruption you have not seen, as you have been caught up hidden in your own shadows.  The greed of wants and distorted beliefs built within you that do not matter.

My beloveds… only love matters and when you truly see the truth in love, light and grace, you too will step into the light, in dignity and respect for your own spirit and those around you.  It is your time to see all that is and remove the density of darkness that has prevailed for too long on planet Earth.  It is time for you to understand and remember who you are.  You are light and love in your truth and grace.  You are all that is and all that is, are you.  You are more powerful than you know when you wake and see all that you are, and all that you can do with the magic you carry within yourself.  You are blessed my beloveds.

In Grace… Be the Love You Are.

All our love,

Keleena Malnar/Maria Magdalena

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