Ascension… Sacred Union… Sacred Partnership… Sacred Love

Ascension, ones journey in life that cleanses the soul and all the bodies of density to step into higher consciousness awareness.  A process that allows all to flow clearly, freely, lovingly, in a state of unconditional love in grace to and from ones true self.  As we ascend and clear, we disintegrate much of the ego as we step into whom we truly are, which in return allows our bodies to absorb more light as we live from our loving open hearts.

Many have sought that one sacred love that they feel will fulfill their every need, when in truth what we seek is love of self.  As we cleanse the density and see the light within ourselves, we begin to care and nurture ourselves as we would a sacred partner.  We eventually ascend into the higher aspect of our own self where we reside in the fifth dimension of unconditional love. It is here that we carry the knowledge that one must love one’s self, before you can truly love another respectfully and unconditionally.

Each step of ascension brings you closer to living in your full light, with an open heart, with the knowing that you are your own divine connection to the higher awareness that you seek.  Once you have discovered yourself in your truth, merging in divine sacred union with your own aspects of self, you now have the ability to merge this union with a sacred partner that is on the same or very close to the same vibrational level as you.   The partner you connect with deeply soul to soul.  The partner you mirror all aspects of yourself within one another.

Many divine unions beyond the veil have already happened and now upon the earth plane are becoming evident in loving sacred partnerships that are also becoming or already are working relationships. When we as partners accept that, our earthly relationship is more than the 4th dimensional mental reality relationship, together we begin to see the foundations we are creating with our sacred partner here, just as we do in the 5th dimension.  These partnerships are creating the construct of change for humanity and Gaia that both individuals came committed in service to accomplish in oneness.  This is sacred partnership, when two divine souls that have found one another, unite within themselves unite outside of themselves within each other, creating sacred love of oneness, in divine sacred union of the soul.

Love is the essence of our soul.  Love is the glue that bonds us all in oneness but until you learn to stand in your truth, living in unconditional love from a loving state of grace, you will not experience oneness as of yet.

If you do not recognize this as part of your journey, do not be alarmed, as this is a systematic process.  Not all have achieved this as of yet as many are not ready.  Continue to work on yourself, clearing karma and reducing the ego to allow yourself to flow into your true spirit.  Have compassion for yourself along the way as you step into the understanding of unconditional love.  Place no expectations or conditions upon yourself.  Allow all that needs to happen to move you forward, into the greatest light of your own Christ consciousness in divine unconditional love.  When you have achieved living truly without attachments, in your wholeness, displaying yourself in freedom and unconditional love for all, everything and everyone, you then ascend to the 5th dimensional reality of higher conscious awareness living truly from the heart unconditionally.

“You are the divinity that you seek… you are the sacred love that you wish for… you are the light… that lights the flame of your eternal soul.”

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

In Divine Love & Grace…

All My Love,


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