In our own free desire to be the women we are born to be, we step out of the created, conditioned roles by the church, the laws of man and media’s creation of the perfect 1950s homemaker and now step back into whom we truly are, the Goddess.

We are Goddesses of Love, Devotion and Strength.  The perfect wife and mother roles we have been subject to on television are created to control the thoughts and expectations of how women are perceived to be.  Although things have changed since then, we are still expected to act a certain way, molded by the creators of television, churches and laws of man.  However, with the divine feminine now stepping back into their goddess roles, taking their power back and strength, it will not change our femininity.  We will always be respectful of our self and our bodies, responsible for our own conscious decisions in our lives.


As a goddess, we are strong, we are sexual, we are sensuous, we are creators of life and so much more, and we answer to ourselves.  With the divine feminine energy anchored into the earth, no longer are we suppressed, nor do we sit back for our divine masculine counterpart to take the lead.  We thank and honor you our beautiful warrior godly brothers, for all you have done but now we have risen and are still rising in our own equality, choosing to stand next to you, never beneath you… ever again.

Every day more goddesses are awakening in this third millennium.  They are stepping into their strong divine feminine powers, doing as they know and feel is best for themselves, and those around them.  In our truth and unconditional love in grace, we goddesses know what we want in all we do in our lives, our choices, our freedom and in our bedroom.


After the degradation of the goddess, the divine feminine, we were brainwashed by the church and man’s laws, that the desires of the physical body were wrong or evil.  This was to stop us from creating orgone energy, which is well known to heal us within and without.  This was the beginning of control over our sexual freedom. No more, the templates, past behaviors, beliefs and conditions placed upon humankind and especially women, are shattering every day and you are part of this change.

Just as Lilith left Adam in the garden, we still carry in our DNA and our divine knowing, that we have a choice in our own sexual freedom.  We carry deep within us the divine power of being a woman.  We choose to express ourselves in our own divine way, calling out to the one that deeply touches our soul.  Our expressions of love are not only the words “I love you” but also how we connect with our divine partner expressively, sexually, intimately with no shame for what we want and what we give in return, throughout the day and deep into the night.


Like a tigress on the prowl hunting for her mate, she knows instinctively with each step she takes, that the wildness that dwells deep within her, will surface when her Lion steps forth.  That one divine masculine godly warrior, that ignites the fire deep within her soul, also awakens the sensual, wild, sexual being of the goddess, that has been suppressed for too long.

Our human bodies are designed to love one another since the beginning of time, expressing ourselves in sacred love that fulfills our own desires while healing the body, mind and soul.  However way we choose to reach orgasm with our sacred partner, releases orgone energy and heals our bodies at all levels.  When we fully connect to our partner’s soul, the god and goddess take each other to a consciousness in higher vibrations that remain in flow in the body throughout the day or night.  This is the sacred devoted sexual act taught by the goddess many moons ago.  The true goddess loves unconditionally, with every ounce of her soul, from the inside out.

Divine unconditional love, sex, and pleasure go together creating oneness with two people in the most intimate way.  There is no shame in knowing what we want with our divine partner and there is no one that will ever again degrade the goddess, stripping her of her own divine knowing, powers and the love she holds deep in her soul for her partner.


My sisters, in your own divine Goddessness, may you express all your wants and desires in your own sexual freedom and that which you wish to give to your sacred partner.  May you know deep within, that you are free to be the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Strength that you are… and always have been.

You are the Goddess… the divine feminine counterpart of God… creating balance… never forget.

In Divine Love & GraceHEART 3FOLD FLAME
~Goddess Keleena

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