Solstice Alignment 12.21.2016 Gateway

In all proper alignment today with the solstice at each hemispheric point, an abundance of energetic shifts take place within and without as we travel through the solstice gateway.  The sun our biggest facilitator of energy will create or facilitate the changes within the universal alignment and each planet will shift including earth after thousands of years on a grand scale.

We have seen the energy of conscious awareness slowly take place and shift for over 40 years but the more defining awakening of consciousness in humankind has been for almost twenty.  We are still waking to our own proverbial connection of our own inner self-Christ consciousness.  To our stellar, divine self, that exists above and beyond our higher self.  It is here that we tap into our unity consciousness, our oneness, our awareness of our connections to everyone and everything.

You are connected to me and me to you.  You are connected to the person you may not care for but guess what, when you truly wake and step into your true self and tap into your divine god/goddess self, none of this matters.  Get it?

Remove the mask of illusion that exists here on this planet.  Step out of that earth suit in meditation and see the truth.  You are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality but many of you have not taken the time to truly step into your own awareness.  You avoid or just choose not to meditate and take yourself elsewhere.  Many of you fear what you may see because of built up egoic patterns and paradigms in your earth illusionary reality built within you.   Break free!  Step out of that which you think you know.  What you see in human ego is not the reality of who you are but a restricted consciousness that you created, and only you can find the answers within, by taking that first step to freedom.

Meditate.  It is so simple yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend that what you believe is reality, is not.

This nine-year cycle of cosmic proportionate change has pushed so much to the surface purifying you within and without and our mother earth.  Why, because it is time for all to step into truth and love in grace.  It is time for our world to unify in the oneness that we truly are.  It is time for all the density of earth and the human race to cleanse its soul self and bring forth the light in love.

We are love, be love, live in love and free yourself from the lower vibrations the ego brings like hate, jealousy, greed.  It is not why we are here.  You did not come to climb the corporate ladder, to have the finest material illusionary things, to judge others that do not have what you may or may not, to look down upon those that you believe are below you.   We are here to experience love in every form unconditionally. We are here to assist each other not build more barriers.  We are here to love one another, no matter what.  We are here to remove these patterns, old behaviors and belief systems placed here by patriarchal control, and we can and are creating this change in collective unified consciousness.

So here we are 12.21.2016 gateway, and our goal… UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS universally, as we are oneness with all that is and we are only visiting earth for a human experience but also to fulfill the mission we chose.  With this said I will share my own experience in unity consciousness.  Most of you do not know my work.  I am a clear channel, healer, medium, psychic, intuitive, artist and speak light language (ancient language of the soul, the language of love) and only those of you that have done sessions with me, see the real me.  I connect with all in the highest consciousness of love, truth, wisdom and grace.  I see, hear, feel, smell etc. the energies of those beyond the veil all the time.  I do not have to meditate anymore, as oneness is what my reality, in unified consciousness is.

I feel as if I am floating in love much of the day connected with all that there is.  Many times, I would rather just stay there doing my work creating in the beyond than be in this human suit.  The feeling is of the most profound feeling of love than you can ever imagine.  It is like taking yourself to zero point in the nothingness, surrounded by unconditional love, that makes your body tingle in the vibrations of what I term bliss.

As you may have seen in some of my videos, I look very high.  This is when I have connected beyond higher self to divine self and the outer limits… giggles.   I communicate only with benevolent beings of love in this highest consciousness to bring forth information that we are to receive at this time or if in a session, what you are to receive specifically for you.  This is where we are all headed.  This is the goal for all human race to accept whom you are, and know that you too can and will connect in this way as well.  Not only will you connect but also you will see yourself in many different realities, and your concept of earth reality will shift you to the understanding, that the physical being you think you are, is not all that you are.

Therefore, this solstice brings to a closure this 9-year cycle of what many of you may have thought of as rough years.  Here we are another ride through this gateway, beginning at ground zero again, ready to begin a new adventure with another cycle shifting all even more.  With many of you already aware, it will still be energetically challenging at times but do the simplest things.  Ground yourself, ground the energies to earth, breathe and just be.  Allow all that is to happen, happen.  Be aware of your brothers and sisters waking and please have full loving compassion for them.  Assist them, guide them as many will fight the change but it must happen, it is inevitable and not one soul will go without feeling the changes within and without.

As I have written this past January with AA Michael, the fall of 2016 would be of great change worldwide.  I also wrote this past September with Maria Magdalena how many of us assisted in anchoring the energies of truth in love to the earth, and that it would force all truth to come forth.  Nobody but nobody will be able to hold back truth anymore.  We are seeing this in the political arenas and much more is coming.  Trust your knowing, not what they may deny, as they will only point fingers at one another to cover their hidden secrets.  Remember, media/news is controlled everywhere by some of the largest money holders of the world that do not want you to know TRUTH.  The corrupt are being forced into their truth and they will want to run.

You have heard the term “life is a mystery”, well that is a thought created by one not awake.  Soon all will begin to see the brilliance of who you truly are and begin to experience the unified consciousness field that we do truly dwell, in our own divine truth in love.  We are light, we are love, and we are here in truth and grace.  Be thankful for all the changes that have happened this past nine years and know that we are not done yet.  Welcome the new cycle with a positive attitude that we can and are changing the world in UNIFIED COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Through this 12.21 (3.3) gateway, all will move into live in the divine higher consciousness, and together we undoubtedly create the change for our new world, while we step into the reality of who we truly are.

As within, so without.
As above, so below.

Divine Love Always,


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